Explain The Advantages of PRP Hair Restoration

Explain The Advantages of PRP Hair Restoration

Much has been said about hair transplant and how it is the only permanent solution to deal with permanent hair loss. All efforts during a hair restoration procedure are directed to achieve natural looking and dense hair. So, obviously there has been a constant endeavor to find newer and innovative approaches to achieve this target, one such approach is introduction of platelet concentrates (PRP or platelet rich plasma) which has been used in not only hair transplant but also various fields to foster the process of healing in injured tendons, ligament and muscles.

With similar intent i.e to boost the process of healing, PRP therapy is also administered along with hair transplant or restoration.

What is PRP (Platelet rich plasma) and how is it formed?

PRP treatment in principle involve separating or isolating a convergence of platelets from a patient’s blood and infusing it into a similar patient’s body where they have damaged tissue or a tissue undergoing healing. Platelet-rich plasma has recuperative characteristics that can decrease pain and heal interior wounds. Platelets are the cellular components of blood which are scientifically proven to be responsible for blood coagulation and natural healing of the injured site.

PRP or platelet rich plasma is concentrated form of platelets prepared by retrieving patient’s own blood. This preparation is intended to enhance the healing process and the cellular growth. The platelets at the healing site release growth factors which are crucial to provide a desirable milieu for the cells to grow rapidly and enhance the growth process and the healing process.

PRP is a very simple preparation from the patient’s own blood which can be explained in the following steps:

  1. 30 40 cc of blood is drawn from the arm of the patient and is processed in centrifugation machine to separate the components of blood possessing different densities at 3000 rotations per minute.
  2. Following the centrifugation, we would achieve 3 layers in the test tube which comprise of:
  3. Top layer: platelet poor plasma
  4. Middle layer: platelet rich plasma
  5. Last layer: red blood cells
  6. The middle portion comprising platelet rich plasma is collected using a syringe and then injected at the desired site.

Advantages of PRP therapy in hair loss and PRP hair restoration

  1. PRP injections are known to foster natural hair growth and maintain it by enhancing blood supply to the hair follicle and it also aids in increasing the thickness of the hair.
  2. PRP therapy is been widely used for hair loss solution with the motive to enhance the growth of the existing hair which could be due to the improved blood circulation at the injected area of the scalp.
  3. By improving the flow of blood, PRP therapy reduces hair thinning which provides the possibility of reducing hair loss in genetic baldness or androgenic alopecia.
  4. No visible scarring since it is administered using needles and without making any cuts.
  5. PRP hair restoration refers to complementing PRP therapy with the hair transplant or restoration procedure with one single motive i.e speedy recovery and healthy growth of newly transplanted hair follicles due to the enriched environment by concentrated growth factors/plasma at the injected site. Further, the PRP hair restoration also speeds up the physical recovery of the patient.
  6. Highly Effective – PRP therapy has been practiced for more than 2 decades now for both dealing with hair loss issue and complimenting it with hair transplant to aid recovery. Evidences are not very huge but the odds tilt in the favor of the procedure. Here it is worth mentioning that the effectiveness of the therapy lies in the concentration of the platelets in the prepared PRP.
  7. Easy Schedule – PRP therapy is administered in 3 follow up sittings each 4 – 6 weeks apart. Then for proper maintenance and continued strength, it is administered every -6 months depending upon the case.

In India, there are largely two hubs of hair transplantation, New Delhi and Jaipur. PRP hair restoration is widely used in both cities which are home to world class hair transplant surgeons. PRP hair transplant cost in Jaipur is very affordable and in budget. The cost of hair transplant itself is around ¼ or 1/5th of cost in the west for similar high quality surgeries. Further, the cost of PRP therapy ranges from 10,000-12,000 INR which is very economical and is again approximately 4 – 5 times lesser than the cost in western world countries.

Medispa Hair transplant Clinic under the abled leadership of Dr Suneet Soni (MCh, plastic surgeon) is a globally renowned hair transplant surgeons who is very technically and technologically pro-active. He practices all form of hair transplant procedures and depending upon the case administers the PRP therapy as well. His pro-activeness has made him the torch bearer for:- PRP therapy post “combination technique of FUT and FUE” in Delhi and Jaipur for the best outcomes in even the most complicated cases. Medispa hair transplant clinic uses dual centrifugation procedure to ensure sufficient and desired number of platelets to ensure 100 % success rate.

Thus, it is wise to consider PRP therapy post hair transplantation if your surgeon advises you for it. However, for any queries please feel free to reach out to Medispa Hair transplant clinic in Jaipur and New Delhi.

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