Combine FUT + FUE Hair Transplant Technique

The innovations in Hair Transplants have made a whole lot of people happy. The FUE and FUT techniques have been serving the people by giving the best of the results for a long time. The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) involves the use of a small punching tool so as to dig deeper into the skin to reach the hair roots. The follicles once separated from the scalp leave the tissues intact and removed from the surrounding. The Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) is also known as the Strip Surgery and it involves the harvesting of a linear strip of the graft which has thousands of follicular units. Dissection of the strip then takes place and they are segmented in order to create the appropriate unit grafts for the process of transplantation. While each of these methods has its own list of pros and limitations, it is difficult to assess which one is better because it totally depends on patient to patient. The results may vary from scalp to scalp and so does the suitability of using these techniques. Depending upon the balding area if the area covers a larger part of the scalp then FUT is preferred provided there is healthy donor supply and if the area is able to be covered with four fingers of a hand then FUE is recommended. There are other decisive factors which also have a major and minor impact in deciding the best technique to be used for an individual. A combination of these two that is FUE+FUT is recommended to a few patients by doctors and surgeons who think that this combination of techniques is suitable for them. We are going to have a detailed analysis of the FUE+FUT Combo Technique below.

All you need to know about FUT+FUE

There can be several reasons behind choosing this combo technique of FUE+FUT for an individual. The primary reason behind choosing this technique is because of the requirement of many grafts and availability of limited donor hair. For instance, if the sides of the scalp are not in a state of being the donor area and the back of the scalp has low or no elasticity, then Dr. Suneet Soni may suggest harvesting FUE grafts from the back of the scalp. Even then if the number of available grafts is lesser than what is needed, Dr. Soni may further suggest going for the beard area. There are a few things you should know about and keep in mind while opting for the Combo Procedure of FUE+FUT:

  • Make sure you have planned it well and have ample time for the procedure to be carried out. When it involves the extraction of grafts through FUE technique, it may take quite longer sessions if the body hair is to be used for harvesting.
  • It is also advised to abstain from shaving your beard at least 48 hours prior to the process to begin if the Beard Hair is going to be used for harvesting.
  • When both these techniques are carried out simultaneously on the scalp, the donor area is shaved off right before the FUE begins.


Why Opt FUE+FUT Technique at Medispa?

Medispa stands as the best center for Hair Transplant, and Laser and Cosmetic Surgery in India. With a team of qualified professionals and the newest of innovations, technology, and equipment, Medispa promises you an unmatchable experience and a satisfying result. Dr. Suneet Soni and team believes that the usage of the combo technique of FUE+FUT benefits the patient who is in an advanced balding stage. The surgeons at Medispa initiate it with the strip procedure and end it with FUE so as to transplant a maximum number of grafts when compared to the situation where only a single method is used. At Medispa, it is less of debate about the superiority of one technique and it is more about the result oriented procedures. Medispa has a vision of helping the clients achieve what is best suitable for them, and instead of arguing over the superiority of techniques our surgeons believe in using anything and everything we have for the better results. Medispa is known for giving satisfying results to people from all around the world.

Benefits of FUE+FUT Technique

  • When the combo technique which uses follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplant is used, the coverage area is maximized and results in highly dense hair growth.
  • The FUE+FUT combo technique helps in achieving desired goals with ease and for sure.
  • The usage of FUE+FUT doesn’t require much donor supply from the scalp alone and is one of the methods where a patient can be benefitted the most.


What is the cost?

It is quite an affordable procedure at the centers of Medispa both in Jaipur and Delhi when it comes to the cost of Hair Transplant when the combination technique of FUE+FUT is used. Though it involves a transplant of a higher number of grafts when it comes to covering the bald area, the per graft cost is very low and is at least four times lower than what it costs at other centers which follow international standards. People from USA, UK, and other European Countries prefer Medispa because of the quality service that it offers, the expertise that the surgeons have and the affordability of the procedures which are carried out. At Medispa, you can find different procedures which are best suitable for you depending upon your area and type of baldness and all of this would be under your budget and at a very affordable price.

Who can opt for this technique?

  • All the patients with a stable pattern of hair-loss can go for the combo technique of FUE+FUT
  • The individuals who have been diagnosed with a problem of hair loss because of genetic issues can go for the FUE+FUT combo technique.
  • The individuals who seem to have a sparse donor supply or who seem to have a diminished availability of donor-hair as a result of any previous procedure of transplant and are looking for another hair transplant are the suitable candidates for this technique.
  • The individuals who happen to have strong beard hair or chest hair and don’t have good quality donor supply at the sides and back of the scalps and can’t go for FUT can go for the combination of FUT+FUE.

What are the advantages of it over others?

  • The usage of this technique increases the number of donor grafts produced and as a result helps to cover a larger area of baldness.
  • FUE+FUT can bring about 500 to 1000 additional grafts for the surgery which increases the rate of success.
  • The FUE procedure becomes quite easier when carried out after the FUT procedure, unlike the situation where it is done alone.
  • The people with a tighter back scalp can go for this procedure and get the desired results.
  • It gives a high graft yields and lowers the number of sessions that are required for the procedure to complete.
  • When it comes to the people going for the second or the third transplant, it is highly effective and can help in removing the old transplanted hair and also repair the previous transplant.
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