Medispa Hair Transplant Center is the name to depend on for guidance and expertise when you are ready to make that important choice. At Medispa you have a pair of safe and experienced  hand of Dr Suneet Soni and his expert team who are  professionally qualified and has performed  thousands of successful surgery’s with  world class results in India and abroad.

  • All treatments and procedures are performed in a clean and safe environment..
  • Providing an extensive range of cosmetic surgeries like hair transplant, liposuction, laser treatment and others.
  • We offer best quality hair care at a lower price tag due to minimal administrative and labor expenses in that country.
  • We are devoted to work within the time frame and schedule of the patient to assure faster access to hair care and Good Quality.
  • The service that you will get here will be better than any other services, globally.
  • Our state-of-art services, best technology with a team of highly skilled medical professionals and modernized tools and equipments.
  • you and offer a helping hand whenever you need during the course of treatment.
  • We have a dedicated technical team devoted to give you latest in hair transplant.
  • We are able to perform 8000 to 9000 follicular unit micro grafting session in a single day which is considered the best in the field and one of the record in India.

We have a quality procedure which includes ability to place follicular units at 60-80 grafts per centimeter sq.We keep in mind the natural variations in the textures, angles and directions, character of the hair, size and shape of grafts and variations in color which gives  natural look to grafted hairs. Maximum Hair Density .We make frontal hair line in random pattern so that it never gives a fence like appearance and look very natural. Normal hair density is about 100 grafts per sq cm.Normally hair transplant surgeons give density from 30 – 50 grafts per sq cm.At Medispa Dr. Suneet Soni uses 4X magnification carlz zeiss loops for densely packing the hair grafts. Routinely he achieves the density    of 60 – 70 grafts per sq cm in frontal area, which is near normal density. Natural Hair Lines look. With advance micro hair follicular unit graft technique these hair look very natural and densely packed.

Our damage rate is only 3-4% which only few Hair transplant centers are able to give.This gives us 100% success rates.

The placement of the grafts is a principle stage in obtaining a natural hairline. The frontal hairline should have a nonhomogeneous and nonmonotonous, irregular and soft look.

In our applications, we are positioning only single unit grafts on the frontal hairline. In order to achieve maximum hair intensity, we proceed from the middle to the posterior scalp by placing triple and quadruple follicular unit groups.

We treat your problems with an open, honest and friendly attitude that we believe best serves our patients as an informed patient heals faster and is happier with the results. The clinic brings you the latest US FDA approved technologies & treatments to improve your health, appearance and confidence. The procedures are conducted by our doctors in person, so quality of treatment finds no match. You will not be misguided for any unnecessary treatment procedures as has become the practice these days.

We offer the world’s most popular and advanced solutions for hair transplantation:

After full re-growth:

The Quality of a hair transplant surgery can be easily assessed by any one after full re-growth.

One has to look for the following aspects to assess the quality of the hair transplant:

  • Natural appearance of the transplanted grafts.
  • Hair density
  • Hairline Design
  • Coverage
  • Un-detectability of the post-operative scar.
  • Hair characteristics (texture, curl, shaft diameter, color, etc).  Coarse, curly hairs offer denser coverage than fine, straight hair.
  • Skin/hair color contrast (greater contrast requires more grafts for adequate coverage).

Note: Visible growth of the transplanted hair can be seen only after 8 months following the surgery. How ever, It takes almost 15-18 months to achieve the density of the existing hair. A high quality surgery means, the orientation of the grown transplanted hair should mimic the original hair and it should not be evident that the patient has undergone the surgery (even to his hair dresser or his close friend).

During the operation: The quality of the surgery can be assessed, but it is better appreciated by the practicing surgeons or physicians.

  • Patient should be conscious and comfortable during the procedure.
  • The operating field should be clean with minimum blood loss.
  • Incorporating Trycophytic closure technique, to minimize the scar at the donor area.
  • Dissection under stereo microscopes, as it is the latest technique in hair transplantation surgery. ( produces ultra refined follicular units).
  • Micro incisions (< 0.7mm to 0.9mm) in the recipient area also determine the quality of the outcome.
  • Sterilization methods adapted by the surgeon. (very important as these prevent post operative infections ).
  • usage of anesthetics and drugs (minimal is better).
  • Presence of more number of qualified doctors in the team.
  • Surgery should be completed in the least possible time.
  • Bigger and skilled team always aid in reducing the time for the completion of surgery.

Immediately after the surgery:

  • Quality of transplantation can be assessed immediately after the procedure also.
  • Density of the transplanted hair (FU s / Sq. cm)
  • No. of grafts per session and the area of coverage
  • Skin between the transplanted grafts (should be healthy).
  • Minimum / No pain during or after the surgery.
  • Orientation of the grafts should be in line with the existing hair.
  • Minimal dressing.
  • Why choose us
  • Exclusive hair transplant centre – Hair is the only thing that we deal with !
  • Exposure & training of team from different parts of world ( US, Europe, gulf, UK)
  • Maximum experience in FUE – doing surgery since 2007.
  • More than 1000 sittings done.
  • Best results – It is ultimately the results that matter.
  • Staff – Permanent, experienced & adequately trained.
  • Quality preferred over Quantity.
  • 100% transparency at all levels – Grafts given by counting.
  • Patients from all over world – from usa to California & Japan to Australia, gulf, the reference from your city is just a click away Friendly atmosphere.

Other Considerations

  • Medispa personalizes every patient’s hair restoration experience
  • Professional relationships last long after the procedure is finished.
  • We take personal accountability in satisfying patient expectations.
  • We have a passion for hair grafting. Our satisfied patients make this a rewarding profession.

We have no minimum hair graft requirements.  Some clinics primarily interested in financial gain will only accept patients with large graft requirements.  We believe patient satisfaction should come before financial reward

Whatever clinic you choose, always ask about the individual experience of each staff member scheduled to operate on you.  If their experience is limited, ask about the experience of the supervising trainer.  Please note: 10 surgeons each possessing one year of experience will not deliver the quality of one surgeon with 5-10 years of experience.

At Medispa, surgeons hyper-specialize in specific subsets.  This ensures a highly qualified surgeon is completing every step with absolute attention to quality.

Quality of Life

  • Withdrawal from the society.
  • Loss of confidence.
  • Loss of performance
  • Feeling of embarrassment and low self-esteem

People often make a snap-judgment when viewing someone for the first time.  From this judgment, values such as age, health and compatibility are derived.  Physical characteristics, such as hair, play a key role during this initial judgment.  Hair density and hair line location are reliable benchmarks used to determine age.  Hair restoration restores these benchmarks to bring back a youthful appearance and engender positive first impressions.

A youthful appearance is important on the job, at social gatherings, during interviews and while meeting new people.  In addition, a youthful appearance increases self confidence.  Hair restoration plays a key role in improving self confidence, reducing anxiety and increasing chances for success in social situations during everyday life.

Among men (and some women) hair loss is a worry some issue. People have gone to extraordinary lengths to deal with their hair loss problems.  Examples include hair pieces, shampoos, lotions, and comb-over techniques and even spray-on hair.  These products often lead to disappointing results.  Moreover, they are temporary fixes for a problem that gets worse as time goes on.

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