Sikar is a city situated between the way from Agra to Bikaner in Rajasthan, a state in India. The city is situated 114 kms from Jaipur and 280 kms from the capital of India, Delhi. The city is not much known for tourism but still is well known for Mughal architecture havelis which is definitely worth watching for the people who like architecture and folk motifs.

The city is not very renowned for the medical services and for the cosmetic services too. If you look for cosmetic surgeries, then you might find very scanty options which would be of very average quality. Hair transplant services in Sikar are very mediocre and too scanty but still the demand of the procedure is high. The good news is Jaipur and Delhi, both the places with exquisite hair transplant industry are in vicinity so people can easily access the clinics in these cities and can have the benefit of an incredible hair transplant with no hassle at all.

Jaipur is been largely approached by the people from sikar, Rajasthan, India and probably from all across the world in huge numbers. The city has been well appreciated for the highly skilled surgeons who are practising the advanced hair transplant from more than a decade. Medispa hair transplant clinic is among the leading clinics for the mesmerizing hair transplant at an affordable cost. So if you are wondering of an exceptional hair transplant in Sikar then don’t wait to choose the best option for hair transplant in Jaipur : Medispa hair transplant clinic.

What is hair transplant- The basic concept behind this successful procedure?

The hair transplant procedure is a surgical restorative procedure that involves the harvesting of the hair grafts from the selected donor area and these handpicked hair grafts are implanted at the desired bald area. You would be aware that the hair transplant procedures offer permanent outcomes but are you wondering that how the results are permanent.

The hair transplant results are definitely permanent and also provides the natural appearance. The basic concept behind the permanent results is the specification of the transplantation of the permanent hair roots. There are certain regions of your body possessing permanent hair roots which are handpicked for the transplantation. The permanent hair roots are located mostly in the back and sides of the head, chest, beard, axilla etc in your body. These areas are scrutinized for the donor area as per the location of the bald area and the need of the aesthetic as the characteristic of the hair vary in each location.

The permanent hair roots do not possess the receptors for the androgens which make them go uninfluenced under the impact of androgens during genetic dysfunction. The selected hair roots when transplanted to the desired bald area take up the characteristic of the root itself and not the scalp based on the donor dominance theory. Therefore, if the donor area is selected judiciously and the procedure is performed under the expert hands then the results would definitely be permanent.

The procedure also demands the designing of hairline under the expert hands for the procedure to be successful as the success of the procedure is decided by two major tasks during the procedure, firstly achieving the maximum possible hair density and secondly receiving absolutely natural looking results. All of it can be definitely possible but only when you would choose an expert and experienced hair transplant surgeon for the procedure.

How much would the hair transplant cost you?

Talking about the cost of hair transplant procedure, you might be wondering it to be an expensive procedure. It can be an expensive procedure but still worth the cost and affordable from the other means of managing hair loss despite its permanent nature. The temporary measures like wigs or the hair patch initially look cheaper but due to their need of constant replacement, they become very expensive for long term planning despite they do provide unnatural results. So the hair transplant is an affordable one especially in India.

If you want to grab the knowledge regarding the cost of the hair transplant then you should be aware that for every patient and at every clinic, the hair transplant cost would vary. The average cost of the hair transplant in India varies from 40-120 INR Per Graft depending on range of factors deciding the final cost of the procedure.

If you would go to any clinic, they will first perform the complete check-up, examine the scalp, assess the numbers of hair grafts to be harvested and then according to the need of hair grafts would quote the cost of the procedure. Each hair graft would cost you around 40 – 120 INR.

Taking about the cost of hair transplant at Medispa hair transplant clinic, we are definitely very affordable but our services are definitely of international level. If you want to have a gross idea of our cost then here is the list representing the gross cost at our clinic based on the area of baldness and numbers of hair grafts to be harvested.

Grade of baldness Number of hair graft required Approximate cost quoted
Grade II to VIII Doctors Qualification, Technique used & Donor Area 40-120 INR Per Graft

Now you might be thinking how to self-interpret the area of baldness and the number of hair grafts needed, then don’t worry just visit our website and click on hair graft calculator.

Problem solved! This self- assessment tool would give you an approximate idea of both the parameter by which you can get an idea of the cost of the procedure at your home even before the consult.

For the final cost, you need to visit our centre and consult for the complete check- up and get the best hair transplant at the best cost.

Which technique is best suited for performing hair transplant?

You would have come across FUT and FUE terms for sure while researching for hair transplant. These are the techniques by which the hair transplants are performed and are distinct in their way of harvesting the hair follicular grafts.

Firstly, in FUT technique the strip is excised, divided and then each hair graft is harvested. These harvested hair grafts are transplanted at the desired bald area. The donor area from where the strip was excised is sutured back by the advanced approach termed trichophytic closure with which there will be almost invisible scarring.

Secondly, the FUE hair transplant involves individual extraction of hair follicles using a punch device followed by which they are transplanted as soon as possible to the desired bald area.

If you are searching the best technique for hair transplant you might find very confusing statements like one preferring the former to be the best or other finding the latter to be the best. Ideally, in true sense each of the technique has its own importance and indications are the best suitability varies with every technique.

So genuinely your question should be which is technique is best in your case. Visit a competent hair transplant surgeon and find the best suitable technique which is decided based on your age, sex, extent of baldness, numbers of hair grafts needed, quality of the hair grafts at the donor area and the hair density at the donor area.

Why to choose Medispa for hair transplant?

Medispa is truly genuine and the best!

  • World class hair transplant surgeon: Dr Suneet Soni’
  • Over 10000 successful hair transplant surgeries
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Revolutionary advanced hair transplant techniques
  • Highly experienced team
  • Incredible hair transplant results
  • Latest equipment, state of art operatory and strict hygiene maintenance
  • Completely affordable

Why to choose Dr Suneet Soni for hair transplant?

Medispa hair created more than 10000 success stories of hair transplant which gives you these many reasons to choose us for your hair transplant.

Dr Suneet Soni, the head of Medispa hair transplant clinic is the finest hair transplant surgeon across the nation whose excellence is appreciated worldwide.

He is among those very few surgeons across the globe who are gifted with the artistic sensibility and hands to design the hairline aesthetically and provide the extraordinary natural looking results.

His success rate is almost 100% and his exceptional skills ensures the hair transplant with damage rate of less than 1%. He is one of the very few surgeons who believe in excellence and are maintaining the extreme transparency. He performs all the hair transplants on his own unlike the big brands and high end clinics which hire the newbie to perform the procedure under the name of a hot shot surgeon.

For hair transplant, you can truly trust Dr Suneet Soni for the best and incredible outcomes.

FUE Hair Transplant in Sikar


FUE Hair Transplant

The FUE hair transplant is widely applicable in the case of body hair transplant (BHT), eyebrow transplant, moustache transplant or if there is a very small Norwood grade of baldness. Dr Suneet Soni recommends it in a very special purpose if there is need to cover the higher grade of baldness for that expert Surgeon applies the combination method of the hair transplant, i.e., FUT+FUE hair transplant also knows Mega/Giga session

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FUT Hair Transplant in Sikar


FUT Hair Transplant

Dr Suneet Soni, founder of the Medispa Hair Transplant Centre, Jaipur, New Delhi (India) says that FUT is a Gold standard technique of hair transplant and if performed well by the skilled hands, supported by trained technicians and aided with the innovative and advanced equipment works, can cover a higher bald area in a single sitting without damaging any graft numbers.

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Combine FUT & FUE Hair Transplant in Sikar


Combine FUT & FUE Hair Transplant in Sikar

Dr Suneet Soni has expertise in performing hair transplant with any technique FUT, FUE or BHT with best results. He is well known to perform hair transplant with least damage rate of <1%. His judicious and holistic approach makes him take sound decision of choice of technique in the best interest of patients. .

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