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Which is Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Jaipur?

Hair grow centre is definitely the best hair transplant centre in Jaipur that provides the complete solution of your hair loss problem. We offer wide variety of hair transplant services that provides you a blissful experience of hair restoration. You can trust us for affordable cost of hair transplant. From booking the first visit to the post-surgery follow up, your journey with us will be comfortable and remarkable.

Dr Suneet Soni is one of the leading hair transplant surgeons across the globe. He has been appreciated for his extraordinary skills and artistry in India. The facilities available at the clinic is at par the international level. We use latest technology and advanced methods to perform the hair transplant. It confirms the best possible results after hair transplant.

What is Best Technique of Hair Transplant in Jaipur?

There are 2 primary techniques of hair transplant named as FUT and FUE. These techniques are different in their way of extracting the hair roots from the donor area. The best technique for hair transplant is the one that gives the best hair growth and natural looks after the hair transplant. The technique for hair transplant is chosen based on the situation of the hair loss of the patient and other related factors.

FUT hair transplant is chosen in cases where there is need of higher numbers of around 3000 – 3500 hair roots. FUE hair transplant is chosen in facial hair loss patient or early hair loss. Both the techniques are safe and painless. With the contemporary methods, it is possible to provide almost scarless and aesthetic hair transplant with both FUT and FUE technique.

These methods are performed as day care surgeries so they do not need hospitalization. You can definitely start your work from the very next day of the procedure. To know the best suitable methodfor your case, visit Medispa clinic in Jaipur. Our experts diagnose the situation from the roots and find you the customized treatment plan.

What is Hair Transplant Cost/price in Jaipur?

Ideally, we cannot say that hair transplant is a cheap procedure but the procedure is worth the amount you pay. The hair transplant cost in Jaipur might vary from 60,000 INR to 400,000 INR. You can get a gross idea of the cost of hair transplant by online portals. The final cost can be estimated by multiplying the numbers of hair roots needed and the cost of each hair root. There are many other factors that decides the hair transplant cost in Jaipur or elsewhere. The cost is one of the most common concern of the people while looking for hair transplant. Here are listed few of the factors that decides the cost of the procedure.

  1. Credentials of the surgeon: The credentials of the hair transplant surgeon decide the cost of the procedure. The surgeon with high qualification, huge experience and expertise might cost you more. This confirms the successful hair transplant for sure.
  2. Facilities at the clinic: Hair transplant is matter of surgery so it is wise to choose the best doctors for the procedure. The quality of facilities at the clinic decides the cost of the procedure. Well-equipped clinic, use of latest technology, constant use of microscope and emergency equipment on standby.
  3. Extent of hair loss: The area of baldness decides the cost of the procedure. The cost of the hair transplant will increase with the increasing area of baldness.
  4. Type of hair transplant opted: The type of hair transplant line scalp hair transplant, facial hair transplant, FUT hair transplant, FUE hair transplant and combination technique differs in the cost. The cost of FUE hair transplant is more as compared to FUT hair transplant. The FUE hair transplant is a tedious procedure and takes more time.

Hair Transplant Cost in Jaipur – Per Graft Cost Comparison

When you compare the cost of hair transplant in Jaipur with the cost at western countries, then it is very affordable in Jaipur.  Clients from the foreign countries can save up to 70 to 80 % of their money by travelling to Jaipur. The best news is that the quality of services is at par the levels of the reputed international clinics.

In Jaipur, most of the clinics quote the cost based on the numbers of hair roots to be extracted. Each hair root at reputed clinics in Jaipur would cost around 30 – 130 INR. The common donor areas to extract the hair roots are back and sides of the head and other alternate areas like chest, axilla and beard. If the hair root is to be extracted from the body areas like chest, axilla or beard then the cost might vary.

The technique to extract the hair roots also decide the cost of the hair transplant. FUE hair transplant is usually pricier than the FUT hair transplant. The higher cost of FUE technique is because of more time consuming and tedious procedure.

For the final cost of the hair transplant, you need to consult us at Hair grow centre in Jaipur and Delhi. The cost range of hair transplant at Hair grow centre is explained as follows:

Grades of baldness Factors affecting Estimated cost
Grade II to VII Doctor’s qualification, technique used and donor areas 40 – 120 INR

What is PRP therapy?

PRP therapy is advised for hair loss treatment and after hair transplant. Your blood is drawn from the arm and is processed in a machine. The centrifuge machine separates the different components of blood and provide platelet rich plasma (PRP). The PRP is then injected in the scalp where the hair loss treatment has to be performed. It has been found that PRP therapy improves the hair growth and reduce the hair fall.

After Hair transplant, the PRP therapy has a role in faster healing and growth of the transplanted hair. The PRP therapy helps in maintaining a high blood supply to the hair root and this increase the rate of growth.

PRP therapy is a cost effective and non-surgical way of treating the hair loss. The cost of each session might vary from 10,000 to 30,000 INR. The success of this therapy is dependent on the right selection of the patient and rightly performing the procedure.

The concentration of the platelets in PRP has a major role in the success of the procedure. It should be 5 – 6 times the concentration of the normal blood. At hair grow centre, we perform the dual processing of the blood to get the maximum concentration of the platelets. Before injecting, the concentration can be checked with the help of auto analyser. The PRP therapy is indicated in early hair loss cases.

Combine FUE + FUT in India

There are very few clinics in India that performs combination technique of FUT and FUE. This advanced method can be performed only in clinics with huge infrastructure. At Hair grow centre, we perform the combination technique of FUT and FUE in the patients with high grade baldness. This method is suitable way to cover the baldness in single session.

In this method, the hair roots are extracted using the FUT and FUE hair transplant in single session. FUT hair transplant is used for the extraction of higher count of hair roots of around 3000 – 3500 hair roots. On the other hand, FUE method is used for the extraction of the remaining count of hair roots of around 1500 grafts.  In total, more than 4000 hair roots can be extracted during the process.

We have performed hundreds of cases with this technique so far and delivered perfect results. Dr Suneet Soni is one of the very few doctors in India who has expertise in performing combination technique.

If you wish to know more about the combination technique, then visit Hair grow centre for further enquiries.

What is the Difference between FUT & FUE?

Clients going for hair transplant wish to get maximum hair growth along with natural results. These expectations can be fulfilled with the help of newer methods introduced in the hair transplant industry.

Hair transplant is majorly performed by two methods termed as: FUT and FUE hair transplant. The basic difference between these two methods of hair transplant lies in the extraction of hair roots from the donor area.

Here are described few of the important difference between the FUT and FUE hair transplant.

Process of harvesting: FUT- Removal of a thin strip that is then divided to separate individual follicles & FUE- One by one extraction of hair follicles using a punch like device

Scarring: FUT: Almost invisible scarring when thin strip is removed. It can be further reduced using “trichophytic closure” & FUE: Almost invisible scar is possible but the punch diameter should be carefully selected.

Number of grafts:FUT: For higher yield of hair roots of around i.e. 3000-3500 grafts & FUE: Provides lesser hair roots i.e. 2000-2500 grafts

Head Shaving: FUT: shaving is needed only around the strip and is not visible. The shaving can be avoided also in selected cases & FUE: Complete shaving of head required so it is not preferred by women

Damage rate:FUT: Minimum damage rate as the procedure is performed under high magnification & FUE: High damage rate as punch is blindly inserted into the skin to extract the hair roots.

Healing time:Normally the healing time is same in both the methods of performing hair transplant which is 1 week.

Procedure duration:FUT is a shorter procedure in duration as compared to FUE

1) How does hair transplantation work?

Hair transplant works by extracting and planting the permanent hair roots from the donor area to the bald area. The results following hair transplant is permanent as only the permanent roots are selected for the process.

2) Will my hair transplant results look completely natural?

Yes, the results after hair transplant looks absolutely natural. In the procedure, only your hair can be used which gives natural looking hair growth. The doctor performing hair transplant should have artistic vision to provide the natural looking hairline after the procedure.

3) How long does a hair transplant procedure take?

The hair transplant procedure takes up to 4 – 9 hours. The time depends on the numbers of hair roots to be extracted, levels of baldness and the method chosen to perform the hair transplant.

4) Does the hair transplant procedure hurt?

No the hair transplant won’t hurt at all. The procedure is performed under the local anaesthesia. After the anaesthesia, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort during the whole procedure.

5) What are the recovery/healing time?

The healing time after hair transplant takes around 7 – 10 days. During this time, you might face few side effects like swelling at the forehead, itching, mild pain or numbness which subsides in few days on its own.

6) Will people know I had a hair transplant?

Your hair transplant can go completely unnoticed if you have chosen the right doctor and clinic for the procedure. Even your hair stylist won’t come to know about your hair transplant.

7) When will my newly transplanted hair start to grow?

It definitely takes time for the planted hairs to grow at the bald area. The newly planted hair show visible growth in around 3 -4 months after the hair transplant. In around, 6 months the hair show fair amount of growth. The complete hair growth is visible in around 1 year after the procedure.

8) Are the results permanent?

The results after hair transplant is surely permanent. The hair transplant provides the permanent results as only the permanent hair roots are planted at the bald area.

9) Do I have to take any medicine for life after hair transplant surgery?

No, you need not take any medicine after a hair transplant.

10) Why it is necessary to choose the right clinic and surgeon?

The clinic and the best doctor has a major role to play for the success of the hair transplant. The doctor performing the procedure should be expert and experienced in order to get the perfect results.

11) In which season one should do hair transplant?

You can get hair transplant in any season but it would be better when you can plan some leisure days after your hair transplant.

Instructions before hair transplant

Hair transplant is a sensitive procedure that has to be performed under the expert hands. But your care and precautions also matters in success of the procedure. There are certain instructions that your doctor would advise you before going for hair transplant. Here are listed few of the instructions that you need to follow before the procedure.

  1. Prefer to wear a buttoned shirt while going for hair transplant. You would not be able to wear the dress which goes from your head.
  2. Avoid Smoking strictly for at least one week before the hair transplant.
  3. Consuming alcohol should be avoided at least one week before the hair transplant.
  4. Avoid taking aspirin at least 5 days before the procedure. You need to take consent with your physician to take any alternate medicine.
  5. Shampoo your hair one night before the hair transplant procedure. Use the shampoo which is prescribed to you.
  6. Wear a cap before coming to the hair transplant clinic. It will avoid dirt to collect the areas after the shampoo.

Instructions after hair transplant

Once the hair transplant is done, the surgery site might catch infections. It is thereby important to follow the instructions given to you by the doctor. The healing would take around 7 – 10 days after the procedure. Here are listed few of the instructions that are given to you after the hair transplant. This would avoid any sort of complications and maintain your safety.

  1. Sleep with the head elevated at 45 degrees after the procedure for at least 5 days.
  2. Apply Ice pack regularly for few days to avoid the swelling.
  3. Was your head regularly with the prescribed shampoo and apply the lotion.
  4. Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated for better healing.
  5. Do not touch the area where the hair roots are planted as it could displace the hair roots or could infect them.
  6. Do not scratch the head even if it itches. It might cause infection or displace the hair roots for first few days.
  7. Wear a loose cap while going outside. It avoids the direct exposure of sun avoid any dirt or infection.
  8. Avoid activities like gym, weight lifting, body building for at least a month.
  9. Sauna bath, steam or hot baths should be avoided for at least a month.
  10. No swimming or water sporting for at least a month. It avoids any such activity which could produce excessive sweating.
  11. No alcohol or smoking should be taken for at least a week after hair transplant. It could affect the healing process due to vessel constriction.

Top Hair Transplant Centre in Jaipur

Hair loss problem is affecting a lot of people these days. Not just the elder lies but the young people are too facing the hair loss problem in their early 20s. There could be multiple reasons for hair loss like genetics, injury, hormonal imbalance or use of medicines etc. it is confusing for people that when to start finding the treatment for hair loss.

At hair grow centre, we genuinely advise our patients the best treatment possible. We examine and assess the situation of baldness and formulate a customized hair loss treatment for each patient. We provide variety of services which would definitely suit your budget too.

Our goal has always been to provide you the best hair transplant at very affordable cost. Dr Suneet Soni make sure to perform the surgical steps of each hair transplant on his own to bring perfection. Thus, if you are concerned about your hair loss and wants the best solution.

Book you visit at hair grow centre in Delhi and Jaipur for the perfect hair loss treatment.

Why Choose Hair Grow Centre?

Hair grow centre is the most trusted place for hair transplant since 2005. We are the most sought after clinic for hair transplant in India. We are well known for varying reasons all across India. In fact, every year we serve a lot of foreign clients facing hair loss problem.

World class certified hair transplant surgeon: Dr Suneet Soni

Dr Suneet Soni is one of the highly qualified, experienced and expert hair transplant doctor across the country. He has received multiple awards nationally and internationally for his contribution in hair transplant world. He has been active member of various national and international societies related to hair transplant. He is gifted with talent of artistry. He is well known to provide the hair transplant with natural looking results.

World class infrastructure and facilities

Our centre is equipped with high quality equipment of latest technology. We maintain international standard of hair loss treatment for every patient. We provide utmost hygienic environment to each patient and give them a perfect safe hair transplant. Our team is expert and experienced to give you the best experience of hair transplant. We use the advanced methods to perform the hair transplant to get the best results.

Hair transplant in your budget

Despite our world class services, we are genuinely affordable. We do not charge any hidden cost from the patient so you need not worry about the extra charges in between the procedure. You will surely experience a hassle free journey of hair transplant.

Hair grow centre is associated with a leading clinic in India, Medispa hair transplant centre. We provide the best quality hair transplant treatment that suits your budget. Our motto is to bring back your smile and confidence. We have answers to many of your questions like Why to come India and especially medispa clinic for the hair transplant?

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How to get an affordable hair transplant?

Anything to everything about hair transplant in India?

We are dedicated to provide you an excellent experience of your hair loss problem. Consult our expert counsellors to know more about the hair transplant procedure. We will guide you in best possible way and make your hair transplant journey blissful.

Book your consult today with us at hair grow centre, a leading centre for your complete hair loss solution.

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