Fue Hair Transplant

FUE, an acronym of Follicular unit extraction a second method of restoring the hair in the hair transplantation plays a secondary role for harvesting/extracting the grafts. If there is a need for re-growing, the hair roots in the area of the scars of donor portion during excision of the strip for the FUT procedure or there is a need for multiple grafts to cover the higher Norwood class of baldness in the condition of the combination technique of FUT+FUE the FUE is advisable.

In the view of Dr Suneet Soni, as he has more than a decade experience in hair transplant surgery, he noticed that the patient who looks for a body hair transplant in the cases of the eyebrow and moustache, it is appropriate to perform an FUE hair transplant to fulfil the need of a small number of grafts.

When does a Surgeon recommend FUE?

  • Body Hair Transplant
  • Eyebrow transplant
  • Moustache transplant
  • When there is a need for a lesser number of grafts
  • When the patient has a tight scalp

Procedure of FUE Hair Transplant

The FUE procedure is a simple process of hair restoration that can perform in one single room, as there is no need to have a special set up to perform the procedure. The major drawback of the procedure is that now the private beauty does it clinics also as the technique does not require the skilled harvesting that a surgeon performs during the FUT hair transplant. It is a grey chapter of the hair transplant surgery that FUE plays a role in the failure of transplantation as the hair roots are taken from the unsafe area (DHT sensitive) of the scalp as well.

The procedure of FUE has been new just because of the punching machines advancement not because of their output that is ultimately considerable to achieve the aesthetic result of the procedure.

The FUE hair transplant procedure follows the punching extraction with the help of fine punches of about 1mm diameter to extract the grafts. In the initial step of the procedure that is followed by the local anaesthesia to numb the scalp portion to insert the punch into the skin of the scalp to extract the hair roots. One-by-one to extract the hair roots that requires an aesthetic distance between one another that technically limit the donor area to achieve the grafts follows the punching procedure and surgeons are obliged to take the grafts from the unsafe areas results in less sustainable hair roots. Thereafter, the extracted hair roots go under the dissection procedure. At Medispa, Dr Suneet Soni gives special consideration for the graft dissection. Medispa has a special set up with a large team of trained technicians who dissects the grafts in a separate graft cutting room with the aid of higher magnification of German microscope. The final step of the procedure follows by the implantation of the grafts that is as same as that of the FUT procedure as the step involves the hairline design as well as the slitting the site to put the hair grafts accordingly to offer an aesthetic result of the procedure.

Limitations of the FUE Procedure

  • Not appropriate for a high-density hair transplant
  • Never recommended for the highest grade of a Norwood class of baldness
  • There are maximum chances of graft damage during the extraction as the angulation and direction of hair roots may differ from one individual to others as according to their hair characteristics
  • Never opted when the donor area is less.

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