FUT Hair Transplant

Dr Suneet Soni routinely performs FUT hair transplant with the advanced Trichophytic closure technique. Dr Suneet Soni has completely changed the definition of the follicular unit strip harvesting technique and improvises this technique as a 4th generation FUT with the application of a special cocktail of local anaesthesia to make the procedure a painless and scar less with the aid of the advanced Trichophytic closure. The advanced Trichophytic closure technique is available by the Medispa Hair transplant Centre at both the centres of Jaipur (Rajasthan) and New Delhi, India.

FUT/STRIP Hair Transplant Procedure

FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplant. Some medical professionals have given the name of STRIP PROCEDURE to this technique. This is because it involves the excision of a strip of the skin from the patient’s safe donor site during the donor harvesting process.

The FUT is the topmost chosen technique for hair transplantation and widely used protocols in hair transplantation.

There are many advantages of the FUT strip technique. First, a proven technique is widely adopted by topmost Surgeons Worldwide. FUT is generally affordable than the FUE, so it has mass appeal as a modest cost option for those who are budget conscious. In addition, FUT is a more efficient technique than FUE hair transplant because FUT can harvest substantially more donor grafts in one sitting. For these reasons, FUT continues to play a major role in the hair restoration in these days.

Why is the FUT the considerable one?

  • The FUT is the only one procedure that can sort out the problem of the higher Norwood class of baldness by providing the greatest number of grafts
  • The FUT procedure fulfill the desired and expected density to achieve the aesthetic goal of the hair transplant
  • The FUT is the first selection and primarily recommended by the ethical Surgeons/Doctors as it only uses the safe donor area for harvesting that gives the lifelong follicular units
  • The FUT involves the strip of the skin from the donor portion that facilitates the process of harvesting in the greater number of grafts results in higher density of hair transplant
  • By using higher magnification of the microscope, we can reduce the damage rate by 1% and can achieve the regrowth rate up to 99%

Myths about FUT Hair Transplant

Scar after the excision:

It is believed that FUT hair transplant is a scar resultant procedure as the donor area is used for the excision of the strip to harvest the graft that needs an incision causes the scar. However, it is a scar resultant procedure, but it is not right as the newly advanced closing technique of Trichophytic closure has been evolved to get over this problem. The advantage of this technique is that there will be almost a negligible scar which can’t be seen from the outside. On the scalp how does it work, when the Surgeon takes/harvest the strip from the back sides, they close the area with the stitches properly and on the final line keep some hair roots intact. And on the final line also the hair grows up and the line won’t be visible in the future. This technique is known as the Trichophytic closure that Dr Suneet Soni using continuously for last 8-10 years that work very well.

Pain during the incision:

For making the procedure painless, we have a special management for the painless procedure so that the patient doesn’t feel even a single pinch during the procedure. The patient can enjoy their routine job of lunch and snacks while the procedure is going on at Medispa. If the procedure lasts till evening the patient enjoys the tea or coffee also! They can walk to his home just by the next day of the procedure as they can easily start their routine job with wearing the cap on the scalp. And the patient can easily get the shampoo as a gentle head wash that can also be started from the very next day. As the stitches, which Dr Suneet Soni gives on the back sides are absorbable and there is no need to remove it.

Incision is not Panic with local Anesthesia at Medispa

At Medispa Dr Suneet Soni uses a special cocktail of local anesthesia to make the procedure painless as it can give the longer hour effect that lasts up to 12 hours. So, there is no need to give the revision of anesthesia, which makes the patient very comfortable during the procedure. And with the effect of it, the incision becomes just as the formal and absolutely a  painless step in the FUT procedure.

Advantages of FUT Hair Transplant

  • Appropriate for High-density hair transplant
  • To cover higher grade of a Norwood class of baldness in a single session
  • No side effect or maintenance is required
  • The Graft damage rate is very less
  • Possibility of getting greater sustainable hair roots
  • Scope of multiple sitting without affecting the donor density

Limitations of FUT Hair Transplant

  • Should be performed by a Plastic surgeon only
  • Needs of highly trained technicians to dissect the hair grafts
  • A separate cutting room that must be equipped with higher magnifications of microscopes with a number of 9-12 as well as the video-assisted microscopes.

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