Is Hair Transplantation The Top Notch Solution For Hair Loss?

Hair Transplant Results

As the popularity of hair transplant is increasing, the number of options available to patients is also increasing at the same pace. Surgeons are improving their techniques with the use of latest instruments. 4th generation follicular unit transplantation (FUT) method is gaining popularity among patients these days. The technique not only offers high hair density and fine quality hair but also gives immediate and long-lasting results.

What is 4th Generation Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)?

Follicular unit transplantation is also known as the strip procedure. In this procedure, the hairs are transplanted in a naturally occurring group of 1 to 4 hair follicles which are known as follicular units. Follicular units (FU) also contain sebaceous glands, nerves, and a small number of muscles. These small units allow the safe transplant of thousands of grafts in a single session which maximizes the cosmetic impact of hair transplant.

How Medispa invented 4th generation Follicular Unit Transplantation technique?

Medispa believes in continuous improvement in its techniques. 4th generation follicular unit transplantation technique is similar to the conventional FUT technique. Transplant specialists of Medispa use advanced technology to improve the traditional FUT procedure. Some of the instruments which are used for 4th generation FUT are 20 X German microscopes: The microscope is used by highly qualified and experienced staff of Medispa to divide the hair roots. Video-assisted microscope: The use of video-assisted microscope reduces the damage rate of grafts to less than 1%. 200 X Video-assisted Microscopic vision: It is used to minimize the graft damage to less than 1% These advanced hair transplant instruments assist the surgeons in hair restoration surgery. These instruments are designed to improve the end result and increase efficiency.

How it is different from other FUT techniques?

Nowadays the 4th generation has become one of the most common procedures of hair restoration. The conventional FUT is extremely safe and successful; the only disadvantage of the FUT method is that it leaves a linear scar on the donor area. In FUT procedure, a strip of hairs from the back part of the head is extracted which leaves a permanent scar. After FUT, the person cannot keep short hair as anyone can easily notice the scar. The 4th generation FUT resolved this issue by minimizing the scar using Trichophytic closure. The innovative technique opened doors for the patients who want high-quality hair transplant in a single session and also do not want a scar after surgery.

What is the procedure of Follicular Unit Transplantation?

In conventional follicular unit transplantation, a 0.8mm to 1.2mm wide and 20cm to 26cm long linear strip of hairs is extracted from the back or the side of the scalp while in 4th generation FUT, the lower part of the occipital area and the temporal area are used. This area offers dense follicular units and high-quality grafts. The area is also highly capable of creating a new hairline. In the 4th generation FUT technique the gap is closed with trichophytic closure which leaves no visible scar. With the help of a video-assisted microscope, the hair strip is dissected into ultra refined follicular units. After that, the follicular units are implanted on the recipient area. The strip extracted in 4th generation FUT method contains follicular units which are more feasible and have a higher probability of flourishing new hairline because these follicular units contain a sac-like structure which nourishes new hair growth. In follicular unit extraction (FUE) method hairs are directly extracted from the donor site one by one, which increases the chances of the damage of follicular units. In FUE technique, a surgeon can harvest around 2,000 follicle units while in the 4th generation FUT technique 4,000 to 5,000 follicle units can be implanted in a single session with minimum pain and assure maximum growth.

How 4th Generation FUT help me to grow my hair?

In conventional follicular unit transplantation, when the strip of hairs is extracted from the donor area, it results in a visible scar while in 4th generation FUT technique trichophytic technique is used which leaves no visible scar and offer natural look. The donor area from where the strip is taken is stapled in such a way that the edge of one flap immediately overlaps on another flap which reduces the visibility of the scar. Initially, epidermal edges are removed to create a sloping or ledge type edges. Once the edges are created the opposing side is then brought to the trimmed site for a slight overlap. Epidermal edges are trimmed to the level that it does not affect hair growth. With the help of this technique, hairs can easily grow through the scars and help in removing the donor scar. Once the flaps are closed, the sides of the flaps bind together with surgical staples for about 15 days. In this time scalp repair itself and the growth of hairs starts in the donor area. Once the healing process is completed a very fine line appears which is hard to find. It gives patients the flexibility of keeping hair short in the donor area.

What is the Cost of Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation?

4th generation FUT is better than other conventional FUT procedure and FUE procedure. In conventional FUT larger grafts are used which often offer pluggy unnatural look. In a proper 4th generation FUT method hairs grow in a similar direction of other hairs and offer a natural look. Though the procedure of 4th generation transplant is better than other hair transplant methods but the cost of 4th gen FUT transplant is almost similar to other methods. The cost of the transplant remains between INR 70,000 and 250,000. Hair transplant cost depends on several factors including number of grafted follicular units, location of the clinic, experience of the surgeon, etc. Every individual has a different requirement, to know the exact cost of 4th generation FUT, visit Medispa. Book an appointment with the transplant specialist to discuss your case in detail. A hair transplant surgery considered successful when it achieves a natural looking hairline, hair density, high-quality follicular unit, and more importantly it does not leave a visible scar on the donor site. 4th generation FUT is one of those techniques which restore the hairs immediately and leaves almost no visible scar…..

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