Jaisalmer, the city in Indian state Rajasthan also well abbreviated as “The Golden city” situated around 575 Kms for the capital city Jaipur. If you want to witness a fairy tale then this is it, the beauty and serenity would be a landscape of some fairy tale. The city is called golden city because of its foundation on the ridge of yellowish sandstone. The city is crowned with an ancient Jaisalmer fort. The city is adorned with beautiful Jain temples, huge architectural havelis and lakes. The camel ride could be an amazing experience which would be fascinating for every age group. So there is lot to say about beauty of the city which would grab your attention to travel.

How To Get Safe Hair Transplant Treatment For Hair Loss Issue

Hair Transplant Result

But taking about the medical facilities, we could say they are moderately advanced and affordable. Focusing on the advancement in cosmetic world, the city does not offer much fascinating services as the city is not renowned for the purpose. But this does not mean that the residents are not interested in the procedure. Hair transplant procedures has a huge demand in the city and due to lack of much advanced services people look for other alternative options for the hair transplant tourism. Luckily, Jaipur is in the vicinity and also is the most approached city globally for the hair transplant tourism in India.

Medispa hair transplant clinic in Delhi and Jaipur is been leading the industry form more than a decade and grabbing attention of the global patients. We have the best hair transplant team and is headed by a worldwide recognized expert hair transplant surgeon: Dr Suneet Soni. Our previous results are our vital proof of excellence in true sense so don’t go by our words and check on the extraordinarily incredible results presented by our exceptional team.

With our consistent success rate, more than 10000 success stories and exceptionally natural results, we have been accounted among the top listed hair transplant clinics in India. So what are you waiting for, few miles of travel could give you a chance to live your dream. Just go for it!

Why you should choose hair transplant?

Hair transplant is an elective procedure and any hair loss sufferer can choose the procedure. But to be precise hair transplant might not be possible in every patient as there are certain aspects that decides the feasibility of the procedure. The hair transplant procedure is not just for the restoration of the scalp hair loss but can be a perfect option for the facial regions too when there is scanty hair growth in the beard, moustache or the eyebrows.

The hair transplant is an ultimate option for the hair loss issue let’s figure out why?

  • The permanency of the hair transplant results makes the procedure a unique one as there is no other hair loss solution offering permanent outcomes.
  • The hair transplant procedure can produce exceptional natural looking hairline which would definitely enhance your aesthetics.
  • The hair transplant procedure is an absolutely pain free procedure so there is only gain without any pain.
  • The advancements in the procedure offer almost scar free treatment which is definitely a breakthrough in the surgical field.
  • The procedure would not cause any sort of hassle to your life and is absolutely maintenance free treatment.
  • No morbidity is associated after the procedure so you can definitely undergo the procedure while maintaining your hectic schedule.
  • It is also true that the hair transplant is an economical option as per the worth results you achieve especially in India

So if you ask why should you choose hair transplant the we could only say that there is no reason to not choose the procedure because of its perfection and incredible outcomes.

Types of Hair transplant

Yes, it is true that hair transplant is not just for scalp and can be an option for facial regions. So let’s see what all can be done by hair transplant.

Scalp hair transplant:The scalp hair transplant could be a viable option when you are permanently losing your hair from the scalp and bald area becomes visible. For the feasibility to undergo the hair transplant, the donor area should have ample numbers of hair follicles to provide the appropriate coverage. If the donor area has sufficient hair density, then you can definitely achieve the perfect and pleasant hair transplant outcomes.

Facial hair transplant: Facial hair transplant include correction of the scanty hairs in the beard, moustache and the eyebrows. The procedure is very precised and demands the expert hands to be performed safety and perfectly. The procedure is similar to that of the scalp region and involves the extraction of the hair grafts from the assigned donor area and then transplanted at the desired bald area. You can absolutely receive an appealing look following the hair transplant.

Hairline reconstruction:The hairline reconstruction refers to the procedure which involves the correction of the hairline when it looks flawed or the patient desire to have aesthetic changes in the existing one.

Male hair transplant

Male hair transplant refers to the procedure of hair transplant in males when the hair loss cause baldness. The male hair transplant is performed by harvesting the hair grafts from the donor area and these harvested hair grafts are transplanted at the desired bald area. The grafts are either harvested by FUT technique or by FUE hair transplant technique. The procedure is really worth and would provide you a pleasant coverage.

Female hair transplant

Female hair transplant is equally successful like male hair transplant. The basic procedure of female hair transplant is similar to the male hair transplant but in females mostly no shave approach is preferred. The FUT hair transplant technique is preferred in females as there could be provision of harvesting the higher number of hair grafts and can also be performed without any trimming. The procedure is bit trickier and difficult too which need expert skills and huge experience.

Female hair transplant is performed by preparing micro slits at the desired bald area as no trimming is performed. The hair grafts are then transplanted with extreme care as there is risk of higher damage to the existing surrounded hairs.

Cost of hair transplant

If you are looking for hair transplant you would be knowing that varying quality of services are available. There are few reputed clinics to perform the procedure and many cheaper clinics are available too for the hair transplant. All you have to do is to be very judicious while selecting a hair transplant clinic for yourself. It is necessary to be very specific about the skills, academic profile and experience of the hair transplant surgeon rather than just choosing the hair transplant clinic over the attraction of some discounts and packages.

Scrutinizing the cost of the hair transplant, it is very affordable if you consider the permanence of the outcomes. Thus, the cost you pay to a reputed clinic and expert surgeon for hair transplant is definitely worth it. The average cost of the procedure in India varies from 60,000 to 400,000 INR which is around 5 -6 times lesser than the cost of the procedure in western world countries and UAE.

Medispa hair transplant clinic is not only the best in the hair transplant industry for its international level of services and extraordinary success rate but also for an affordable hair transplant.

If you want to have a gross idea of the hair transplant cost at Medispa hair transplant clinic, then here it is. The below mentioned tabular format explains the approximate cost range of the procedure as per your extent of baldness and numbers of hair grafts to be harvested for the procedure.

If you are wondering how would you get an idea of the area of your baldness and numbers of hair grafts needed, then don’t worry just visit our website and look for hair graft calculator. The hair graft calculator is a self-assessment tool for the evaluation of the approximate idea of extent of your baldness and need of hair grafts to provide pleasant outcomes. So this is it, that’s how you can find the approximate cost.

For the final cost of the hair transplant you need to visit us for the complete assessment at Medispa hair transplant clinic in Delhi and Jaipur.

FUE Hair Transplant in Jaisalmer


FUE Hair Transplant

The FUE hair transplant is widely applicable in the case of body hair transplant (BHT), eyebrow transplant, moustache transplant or if there is a very small Norwood grade of baldness. Dr Suneet Soni recommends it in a very special purpose if there is need to cover the higher grade of baldness for that expert Surgeon applies the combination method of the hair transplant, i.e., FUT+FUE hair transplant also knows Mega/Giga session

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FUT Hair Transplant in Jaisalmer


FUT Hair Transplant

Dr Suneet Soni, founder of the Medispa Hair Transplant Centre, Jaipur, New Delhi (India) says that FUT is a Gold standard technique of hair transplant and if performed well by the skilled hands, supported by trained technicians and aided with the innovative and advanced equipment works, can cover a higher bald area in a single sitting without damaging any graft numbers.

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Combine FUT & FUE Hair Transplant in Jodhpur


Combine FUT & FUE Hair Transplant in Udaipur

Dr Suneet Soni has expertise in performing hair transplant with any technique FUT, FUE or BHT with best results. He is well known to perform hair transplant with least damage rate of <1%. His judicious and holistic approach makes him take sound decision of choice of technique in the best interest of patients. .

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