As the new generation is becoming more cautious about their looks the popularity of hair transplantation is increasing at a rapid pace. Surgeons are also finding new ways to improve graft yield and overall final aesthetic result. Body hair transplant is one of the emerging transplant technique which can give you a new look even when you are completely bald or do not have enough donor area on the scalp.

What is body hair transplant?

Traditionally, in hair transplant hair follicles are taken from the safe donor area of the scalp and these follicles then implanted on the bald area of the scalp. What you do when you do not have enough donor hairs on the scalp or you are suffering from extensive baldness? In such cases, body hair from beard, trunk, arms, chest, and legs can be used to treat baldness. Though body hairs are different in texture and thickness but it gives distant advantage in many cases. Sometimes achieving higher density is not possible from scalp donor area; in that case, hairs from other body parts can also be used. Beard is considered as the most suitable donor site for scalp hair transplant because the texture of beard hairs is almost similar to scalp hairs.
When patients have a high amount of body hairs, they can become a source of several thousand additional grafts. These hairs can be used to increase the overall density of the bald area otherwise with limited scalp donor area it is not possible to achieve higher density.
The first preference of doctors is to take the hairs from scalp but in following cases, your surgeon may prefer to use body hairs for transplantation:
• When hairs are so thin in donor area thus the donor area is not considered as donor area anymore
• For the completion of eyebrow, beard, and mustache transplantation
• To mend the scars of scalp after hair transplantation


How to assess the suitability of Body Hair Transplant?

The suitability of body hair transplant depends on five criteria:
• Hair density should be 40 FUs per cm²
• Body hair and head hair must be similar
• The number of FU with 2-3 hair follicles
• The length of body hairs
• The size of donor area
People who have more body hairs than head hairs are suitable for body hair transplant because they have more donor material.


Which techniques are used for Body Hair Transplant?

Body hair transplant is usually done through Follicular Unit Extraction (UE) method which leaves no linear scar at any part of your body. Strip method is not suitable for body hair transplant as it leaves an unsightly scar on the body.
Follicular Unit Extraction methods: In body hair transplant entire body is donor area. In FUE method hair follicles are extracted from different part of the body including beard, chest, legs, arms, etc. Hair follicles are removed individually using a handheld rotary punch method and then harvested on the scalp.
Body hair transplant with FUE opens up new possibilities especially for the patients whose donor area is badly affected by the outdated transplant methods. Follicular units taken from the head are different than other body parts. The growth cycle of body hairs is also different than scalp hairs. Scalp follicles usually consist of 2 or 3 hairs in most cases while body hairs have only one hair. To obtain natural looking hair density nearly twice body hair transplants are needed.


What is the Procedure of Body Hair Transplant?

The procedure of body hair transplant is similar to a standard hair transplant. In the first step, hair follicles are extracted from the donor site. After that, the recipient site is created to implant the hair follicles. Once recipient site is ready hair follicles are implanted. While implanting the hair it is important to place them in a proper direction. The procedure of hair transplant is done under local anesthesia using a small tool. The surgeon creates a circular incision inside the skin surrounding the graft and then pulls it out and places it in a preserving solution and finally harvests it in receiving area.
The surgeon who is doing body hair transplant must have adequate knowledge of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The success of body hair transplant depends on:
• Proper extraction of donor hairs
• Correct preparation of follicular units
• Proper storage and hydration of extracted grafts
• Optimal implantation and use of right technique


What is the Cost of Body Hair Transplant?

The cost of body hair transplant is usually remains between INR 70,000 and 250,000 at Medispa. The exact cost of transplantation depends on the number of grafts. If you have a wide bald area and want dense hairs the cost will be on the higher side. Other than number of grafts, some other factors also affect the cost of transplant. To know the exact cost book an appointment with Medispa body hair transplant specialist.

Is there any disadvantage or side effect of Body Hair Transplant?

Body hair transplant is considered as the last option to improve an existing situation. The survival rate of these hairs remains 70-80%. This might seem low for many patients but it is the only option for the patients who do not have enough scalp hairs. The patients must be aware of the fact that there is no guarantee of a higher success rate for body hair transplant.
Body hairs can also change their structure after the transplant. In most cases, they become straighter and longer and adapt the structure of head hairs. Before you go for body hair transplant discuss with your surgeon in detail and clear your doubts.
Most of the patients concerned about the scar on the donor area after the procedure. These scars usually heal within weeks so you do not have to worry about these unwanted scars.
The success of transplant also depends on the competency of the surgeon so it is equally important to have the transplant from an experienced doctor.

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