At present, the hair transplant in Rajasthan has gained a tremendous popularity among many men and women. According to the clinical researchers, in around 80 percent of the population suffering from Androgenic alopecia or more commonly known as baldness comes from the genes. It means, if any of your ancestors have a history of going bald, you are more likely to experience it at some point of time in your life. Also, it is important for you to understand that baldness occurs when the follicle or the root of hair in the scalp gets damaged or falls out of its place, causing hair growth to cease.

In such cases, hair transplant is the considered an ideal option to re-grow the hairs in the affected area of the scalp. With an increase in the number of people affected by hair loss, the demand for hair transplant in Rajasthan has increased due to the permanent results obtained and their maintenance-free nature.

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure of extracting the healthy hair follicles from the safe donor area and transplanting them in an area of the scalp affected by baldness. At the same time, you may want to know about the types and techniques of hair transplant treatments in Rajasthan. At present, the Follicular Unit Transplant and Follicular Unit Extraction are the widely used techniques for performing a hair transplant surgery. Let’s know them in detail.

Follicular Unit Transplant(FUT)- Follicular Unit Transplant or commonly known as the ‘strip method’ is a conventional way of performing hair restoration surgery. This process enables a hair transplant surgeon to harvest a strip of tissue containing hair grafts from the safe donor area of the scalp. The hair follicles in the safe donor zone are preferred for the transplantation due to their resistance to the DHT or androgen hormone. After harvesting of the donor strip, it is sent to the hair cutting room, where the technicians dissect the strip of tissue into one graft wide size called ‘slivers’. It makes handling of tissue easier for the technicians. Also, the grafts are stored in a physiological solution that matches the composition of the human blood plasma. It keeps the follicles hydrated and prevents them from drying. In addition, the follicles are stored at a temperature of 4 degree Celsius to lower the metabolic rate of the follicles and to enhance their survival rate outside a human body. Thereafter, the grafts are separated into individual follicles and prepared for the implantation by removing the excess layer of dermis that comes attached to them during extraction. Once the process is completed, the hair follicles are implanted into the slits made in the recipient site or in the balding area.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) – Follicular Unit Extraction is an alternative method of hair restoration. This method is contrary to the conventional FUT hair transplant and it differs in the mode of extraction of the donor hairs. In this method, a hair transplant surgeon picks up the individual follicle units with the help of an electronic punch with a diameter of 0.7mm. The electronic punch penetrates a layer of skin and picks up a bulb along with the hair shaft individually. The extraction of individual hair follicles is done under a high magnification microscope. Thereafter, the prepared follicles are bedded into the slits made in the recipient sites. However, the process involves higher chances of damage to the hair follicles and it requires the punch to penetrate the skin at proper angulations. Also, extraction of a single follicle from a graft containing two or more follicles can be a tricky situation for a plastic and cosmetic surgeon and it involves a high risk of causing damage to the surrounding hair follicles.

Dr. Suneet Soni at Medispa hair transplant clinic recommends FUE hair transplant in some special cases like body hair transplant, eyebrow reconstruction, or in case of scarcity of donor hairs in the safe donor zone of a patient’s scalp.

Advantages of a FUT hair transplant over FUE hair transplant-

  • A large number of follicles can be transplanted to promote a maximum coverage.
  • Damage rate to grafts during extraction is less than 1%.
  • Painless procedure.
  • Scarless treatment with trichophytic closure.
  • Covers large area affected by the baldness in a single session.
  • Results in high-density yield.

Cost of hair transplant in Rajasthan

The cost of FUE hair transplant is usually high as compared to the cost of FUT hair transplant due to the use of modern pieces of machinery and involvement of high efforts of a hair transplant surgeon. The reputed hair transplant clinics in Rajasthan such as the Medispa hair transplant center, Jaipur, offer their patients the best quality hair transplant treatments at an affordable price. The cost of the treatment ranges around one-fourth the cost of hair transplant in many countries of the world like the US, the United Kingdom, Australia and many more.

FUE Hair Transplant in Chennai


FUE Hair Transplant

The FUE hair transplant is widely applicable in the case of body hair transplant (BHT), eyebrow transplant, moustache transplant or if there is a very small Norwood grade of baldness. Dr Suneet Soni recommends it in a very special purpose if there is need to cover the higher grade of baldness for that expert Surgeon applies the combination method of the hair transplant, i.e., FUT+FUE hair transplant also knows Mega/Giga session

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FUT Hair Transplant in Rajasthan


FUT Hair Transplant

Dr Suneet Soni, founder of the Medispa Hair Transplant Centre, Jaipur, New Delhi (India) says that FUT is a Gold standard technique of hair transplant and if performed well by the skilled hands, supported by trained technicians and aided with the innovative and advanced equipment works, can cover a higher bald area in a single sitting without damaging any graft numbers.

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Combine FUT & FUE Hair Transplant in Rajasthan


Combine FUT & FUE Hair Transplant in Rajasthan

Dr Suneet Soni has expertise in performing hair transplant with any technique FUT, FUE or BHT with best results. He is well known to perform hair transplant with least damage rate of <1%. His judicious and holistic approach makes him take sound decision of choice of technique in the best interest of patients. .

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