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Chittorgarh is one of the major cities of Rajasthan and is well known for the biggest fort in Asia: the Chittor fort.  Medical services in the city are moderately available and at an affordable cost. The cosmetic surgery clinics are quite sparse in the city and whatever available is not very advanced. Similarly, hair transplant in chittorgarh is not that advanced and are performed using primitive techniques.Hair transplant surgeons in Chittorrgarh would surely be less experienced as the patient footfall is less. The patients usually prefer visiting the hair transplant clinics in Jaipur which are highly reputed and are closer by to Chittorgarh.


If you want to get the hair transplant done from the best hair transplant clinic in Chittorgarh, then visit MEDISPA hair transplant clinic located in the vicinity in Jaipur. We are the best clinic for hair transplant in Jaipur because:

  1. We have the best hair transplant surgeon: Dr Suneet Soni who is the head of the MEDISPA clinics. He is skilled, an excellent artist and an astute professional that makes him deliver world class hair transplant.
  2. We offer the best facilities and best advanced services for our patients.
  3. More than 10000 successful hair transplant cases are been performed at MEDISPA hair transplant clinic.
  4. Our operatory is strictly aseptic and we take all the safety measures necessary to provide complication free surgery.
  5. Our team is the best and the biggest in India.

For the best hair transplant in Chittorgarh, visit MEDISPA hair transplant clinic where you can trust you are in safe hands.


Hair transplant is performed by 2 modern techniques which are differentiated based on the method of harvesting the hair grafts. These methods are explained as follows:

FUT hair transplant technique or strip technique is performed by taking out a section of scalp skin from the safe zone of back and sides of the head and are sent to the graft separation room for separating each hair graft. The donor area is sutured back using trichophytic closure which is a newer approach to allow the healing of the donor site with leaving almost invisible scars like FUE technique.

If you are looking for the best FUT hair transplant in Chittorgarh, then it is Dr Suneet Soni who is highly experienced and specialized in performing the technique with best advanced method.

FUE hair transplant technique is performed with a punch like surgical device which is inserted in the donor area skin and the individual hair grafts is pulled out. This technique has higher chances of damage to the hair graft as the location of hair root is assumed while inserting and pulling the hair grafts which make it a blind technique.

For the best FUE hair transplant in Chitorgarh, visit MEDISPA hair transplant clinic which provides you the best possible assured outcomes at the best cost.

If you are seeking for the best hair transplant method then you should be aware of that you cannot call any method best if it is not suitable for your situation. For confirming the best method of hair transplant depending on your situation you need to visit for consult and proper examination. There are many factors which decide the best technique of hair transplant as per your case including age of the patient, sex of the patient, extent of the baldness, availability of the hair density at the donor area and quality of the hair at the donor area.

If you extent of baldness is more and in need of higher number of hair graft then FUT hair transplant technique is the best for you. FUT hair transplant technique provides 3000 – 3500 hair grafts. If your baldness is at initial stage or you need facial hair transplant then FUE hair transplant is the best for you. FUE hair transplant technique successfully provides 2000 – 2500 hair graft without over harvesting and violating the safety zones.

For extensive hair transplant the best hair transplant technique is combination technique of FUT and FUE or combination technique of FUT, FUE and BHT (Body hair transplant) which are routinely practiced at MEDISPA hair transplant clinic by expert hands of Dr Suneet Soni. These techniques are intended to provide higher yield of hair grafts approximately more than 4000 hair grafts. These amounts of hair grafts are suitable for mega sessions in advanced baldness and high density hair transplant.

Thus, if you want to go under the knife of best hair transplant doctor in Chittorgarh then Dr Suneet Soni is the most remarkable and finest hair transplant surgeon of India.

For the best hair transplant in Chittorgarh, MEDISPA hair transplant clinic is doubtlessly the best.


Most of the hair transplant clinics monotonously use a single technique usually FUE hair transplant technique as this technique looks fairly simple. But in true sense FUE hair transplant technique is not that simple technique and is very precision oriented. In fact this technique is more prone to damage the hair grafts while extracting thus needs a lot of expertise to perform it successfully.

Talking about the superior technique FUT hair transplant technique has multiple added advantages over FUE hair transplant technique which are explained as follows:

  1. Technique of choice for extensive bald cases: FUT hair transplant technique is the best technique when there is a need of higher number of hair grafts. This technique could successfully provide up to 3500 hair grafts and successfully cover a larger bald area
  2. Shaving of head is not necessary: Especially in case of females and young patients which deny to go shaved head for the procedure, this could be an ideal technique. This technique could be performed without shaving and the donor area also can be successfully hidden behind the existing hair.
  3. Least damage to hair grafts: Damage to hair graft could ruin your outcomes as hair grafts are something which you are already lacking. FUT technique is an excellent one in minimizing the damage rate of the hair grafts as this technique provides complete visibility while dissecting the individual hair grafts and performed under high magnification microscope. Including, this technique does not need pulling of the hair grafts as in FUE technique which removes the chances of unwanted damage to the hair grafts.
  4. Out of body time can be more: Out of body time refers to the time when the hair grafts stay out of the body after harvesting and before transplanting. The hair grafts when harvested by FUT technique does not involve pulling forces so these hair grafts could be safely kept outside the body for at least 8 hours without damage. But FUE technique involves pulling of the hair grafts which damages the hair grafts the longer time you keep them out of body.
  5. Avoids overharvesting and maintains permanency of outcomes: FUT hair transplant technique uses a very small area for harvesting despite harvesting a higher number of hair grafts. Thus, this technique surely avoids overharvesting and violation of safe donor area unlike FUE hair transplant technique. This makes the technique favorable to provide the assured permanent outcomes if the procedure is performed by expert hands.
  6. Less time consuming: This technique involves harvesting of a strip and further dissection outside body by a team of technicians unlike FUE technique where each hair graft is been harvested by using a punch individually. Thus, FUT is a time saving technique which makes it a technique which is cheaper as compared to FUE technique.
  7. Possibility of future sittings: As FUT technique uses a smaller area for harvesting this shows possibility of harvesting hair grafts for future sittings. But with FUE technique it involves a greater area reducing possibility of future sittings and could lead to over harvesting.

Dr Suneet Soni is specialized in performing the best FUT hair transplant in Chittorgarh, if you want the hair transplant using best technique then visit MEDISPA hair transplant clinic.


Hair transplant is surely successful when an expert surgeon performs the procedure but it is also crucial to follow the strict instructions before and after the procedure as enlisted by the hair transplant surgeon. There are very few pre procedural instructions which are crucial to be followed for successful surgery which include:

  1. Take the medical tests which are asked by the hair transplant surgeon as they are for your benefits and safety.
  2. Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol at least a week before the surgery.
  3. Follow a good healthy diet plan which includes Vitamin A, Vitamin C, zinc and iron which are involved in better healing and hair growth.
  4. Avoid taking aspirin at least 5 days before the hair transplant procedures by physician’s consent.
  5. It is better to wear buttoned shirt before heading for the procedure as it will avoid displacement of the hair grafts.
  6. Take proper rest the day before the procedure.
  7. Shampoo your head properly as prescribed by the hair transplant surgeon.
  8. Avoid being anxious and relax for the procedure as it will help in healing.

If you are looking for an impeccable hair transplant in Chitorgarh then visit MEDISPA hair transplant clinic for the best experience of hair transplant.


The physical recovery after hair transplant won’t take long and needs approximately 7 – 10 days. There are certain instructions which you need to follow after the hair transplant as they are crucially important for the hair transplant outcomes. Although the hair transplant procedures does not cause any sort of physical morbidity but still there are very few mild complication you can come across after the procedure. These mild complications include: Swelling, itching, mild pain and scalp pimples. These complications are short lived and resolve on their own within a week.

Post operative instructions are given keeping in mind to minimize these complications and to assure the best possible outcomes and failing to follow them could bode botched outcomes.

So if you want the assured hair transplant in Chittogarh, choose MEDISPA hair transplant clinic as we care for your satisfactory outcomes and stay beside you during your healing times.


Hair transplant entails success only when you have receives natural looking hairline. For natural looking results you need to choose the expert hair transplant surgeon who has great sense of art and astute decision making skills. Proper direction, alignment, arrangement selection of hair follicles to ensure the natural looking results.

Hairline design is different and unique for everyone and should be designed as per the age, sex, facial profile and individual choice of the patients.

There are few important points to be considered while designing the natural looking hairline:

  1. The direction of the hair grafts should be properly aligned so as to avoid dummy look.
  2. The arrangement of the hair grafts should be irregularly irregular zigzag pattern.
  3. The hair follicles are properly selected to transplant at the desired locations like single hair grafts are arranged at the frontal lines and the temporal triangles. Multiple thick grafts are arranged at the rear line probably from the third row.
  4. Front line and the temporal triangles need sparse hair density while the rear areas need to have higher density for the fuller look.

If you are looking for the natural looking hair transplant in Chittorgarh, then visit MEDISPA hair transplant clinic to get the best world class hair transplant.

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