Do not hesitate to invest in your hair, that is the most valuable crown you would carry on your head for lifetime!

Hair and scalp problems!

The healthy pattern you follow in day to day like are best reflected by your hair and skin. The good nutrition you take do impact more than any cosmetic available in the market. So if you are showing negative symptoms in association with your hair do got for a healthy diet rather than running after the cosmetics. If still the hair loss is after you, consult us to know the cause and type of your hair loss and their possible solution.

We take our hair for granted until and unless they starts falling and leaving our scalp naked. Are you also facing some hair loss issue, it could be temporary or permanent. The hair loss could be due to genetic dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, any associated systemic diseases, trauma or chemo or radiotherapy.

Earlier hair loss were accounted among the signs of ageing but these days the sufferers are not just the elderlies but the young’s too. What could be the reason?

Yes, you guessed it right it is the environmental changes, changing lifestyle patterns, stressful life and deviation of the young population towards the unhealthy food. So maintain a healthy life style if your hair is still healthy until it’s too late to care for them.

Consult us to know the cause of your hair loss, Medispa hair transplant clinic is pioneer for the hair loss treatment. Our mission is to keep you away from your hair and scalp related problems  and keep your confidence and self-esteem intact.

Do not hide your growing baldness under a cap or your partitions, seek for a permanent solution of your hair loss issue. Feel the air and flaunt various hair styles with a correct hair solution for your hair loss. Straight away consult us for a complete solution of your hair and scalp problems under the same roof.

Best hair transplant clinic in Bhiwadi

Bhiwadi is a city in Indian state Rajasthan that is situated 70 kms away from Delhi and 200 kms from the Jaipur. The city is famous for its lake views and temples which would let you witness a serene view if you are seeking for a peaceful tourist destination.

Medical services in the city are average as Delhi is quite approachable for the city residents which often seek medical care in the capital city of India. Similarly, cosmetic services could be very scanty in Bhiwadi despite the huge demand as the people look forward to seek the best hair transplant treatment in Delhi and Jaipur.

In Bhiwadi, the cosmetic surgeons are entrenched with their primitive services due to lesser patient footfall. Lack of experienced surgeons and latest equipment you might end up with an averagely looking hair transplant.

Who would want an average looking hair transplant in Bhiwadi?

For a cosmetic procedure is it sufficient to have the functional benefit!

No, it is inevitable for the aesthetic needs to be fulfilled by the procedure which a hair transplant is competent of but by the advanced approaches which are been introduced recently. You could find these services in the metro cities at fewer clinics but best in Delhi and Jaipur. For the best hair transplant, visit Medispa hair transplant clinic the leaders for hair transplant in Jaipur.

Hair transplant: what is so sensitive about the procedure?

Hair transplant procedure is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that involves the shifting of the hair follicles from the donor areas to the bald area. Do you really think it is this simple or there is some hidden principle based on which the permanence of outcomes depend.

Yes, there is an extensive planning behind a successful transplantation of the hair follicles which an expert and highly qualified surgeon can only perform perfectly. The hair transplant is a consort of science and art so a surgeon must be skilled not only in surgery but also should have a vision of an artist. In the hair transplant, it is very crucial to select only the permanent hair roots for transplantation.

You might be surprised to know that the transplanted hair stay intact for lifetime and do not undergo hair loss. Yes, it is definitely true as the hair loss occurs in those hair which are DHT sensitive or the one which are influenced by androgens. The hair transplant is intended to harvest and transplant only those hair roots which are DHT resistant which when transplanted elsewhere stay permanent and do not get influenced by androgenic hormones.  Therefore, it is essential to handpick the right hair follicles and avoid overharvesting to safeguard the safe zones of harvesting.

Thus, as said hair transplant is a very safe procedure and is competent in providing the incredible results but only when the procedure is performed under the safe hands. For the absolutely natural looking hair transplant and maximum hair growth following hair transplant, choose the best hair transplant surgeon and the clinic with advanced and high end technology.

Hair transplant services: where you could find the best?

You might have already heard of Delhi and Jaipur being the best destinations for hair transplant in India that has gained popularity among the international patients too. It is definitely not the affordable hair transplant cost which lure the patient towards these cities for hair transplant tourism but it is largely the quality of hair transplant services you receive.

From over 15 years, Medispa hair transplant clinic is leading the hair transplant industry across the nation has its centre in the prime location of Delhi and Jaipur. We are the most talked hair transplant clinic in India and serve the highest percent of patients both national and international visiting these cities for hair transplanttourism. Do not go by our words, explore yourself and you would find our name reflecting in every list of best hair transplant clinics across the globe.

Now as you are well aware about the places where you can entrust to have the best hair transplant treatment. Then what are you waiting for, chase your dreams by choosing the best for your valuable hair follicles and get the incredible hair transplant at Medispa hair transplant clinic.

You might want to know what all you would need to consider to find the best hair transplant clinic for yourself. Then let’s enumerate certain essential parameters that are essential:

  1. Look for the educational qualification, experience, skills, expertise and artistic vision of the surgeon
  2. Choose a clinic which is equipped with all essential facilities needed for an efficient and effective hair transplant
  3. Choose the best and experienced team for your hair transplant
  4. Set a realistic budget for hair transplant and search a cost effective option.

The Medispa advantages

Truly speaking our honesty, hard work and dedicated team is the mantra of our huge success. Like small bricks cemented together forms a wall, our each and every staff glued together putting their wholesome efforts to deliver the best to each patient is the reason for us maintaining our position at the top in this huge competitive hair transplant industry.

  • We are India’s most trusted hair transplant clinic and leading centre for a complete hair loss solution
  • Dr Suneet Soni, founder of Medispa clinics is worldwide reputed for absolutely natural looking and undetectable hairline designing.
  • Use of cutting edge technology and advanced techniques to pursue hair transplant.
  • Assured almost invisible scarring and highly aesthetic results while maintaining maximum hair growth.
  • Visible results within 6 months of the hair transplant
  • India’s biggest and hugely experienced team
  • Pain free experience of hair transplant
  • Assured cost effective hair transplant under the hands of Dr Suneet Soni, one of the finest hair transplant surgeon across the country

Medispa hair transplant clinic has contributed towards the innovative hair transplant and bring breakthrough changes in this field. Yes, it was none other than Medispa hair transplant clinic to introduce the bio stimulation therapy in association with combination technique of FUT and FUE in Delhi and Jaipur. Because of the huge success of this innovative combination, this technique was widely practised in these cities at various other reputed clinics since then.

Not only this, Dr Suneet Soni has bene awarded many a times in not only the national conferences but also the international ones for his valuable contribution in this field.

Frequently asked questions

Q : What kind of treatment are available at a hair clinic?

Ans: Hair clinic is specialized clinic for the complete solution of hair loss issue. At medispa hair transplant clinic you can have the complete solution of hair loss issue. Various procedures available at our centre includes: scalp hair transplant, Facial hair transplant (beard reconstruction, moustache reconstruction, eye brow redesigning), hairline reconstruction, scalp micropigmentation, hair transplant repair, female hair transplant, body hair transplant.

Q : Who all can undergo hair transplant?

Ans: If you are concerned that whether you should go for hair transplant or not then go for a consult to know more about your hair loss type. If your hair loss is permanent and stable for quite some time then you could be a good candidate for hair transplant. If you have androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata, tractional alopecia, alopecia due to any systemic involvement, trauma or any radiotherapy exposure then you could plan of hair transplant. The above listed situations have variable success rate which is individual based so consult a competent surgeon to know the feasibility.

Q : If I don’t want to go for hair transplant what are the possible solution I have?

Ans: Let’s say you are not ready for hair transplant then you have options of wearing hair wigs or prosthetic hairs which can be a temporary solution to your hair loss. Believe it, once you use them you would surely understand the hassle of using them and would make up your mind to get a permanent solution to your hair loss issue which is none other than hair transplant.

Q : Why is baldness presented differently in men and women?

Ans: In men, the androgen hormones plays there role in causing irreversible hair loss whilst in women oestrogen counteracts with the androgens and ceases the negative influence of the androgens. But when the oestrogen levels drops and androgens rises, at that time women too could face hair loss.

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