Cost Of Hair Transplant

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The cost of hair transplant is a usually a pre-procedural question if you choose a hair transplant to get over the problem of baldness. It is illogical to say a straight price of the procedure before getting the consultation with your Surgeon/Doctor. It is your consultation that determines your degree of baldness, your physiological and anatomical characteristics of hair, and the feasible technique of the procedure that suits you best. It is also determined by the expert consultation that whether the FUT hair transplant or an FUE procedure will be suitable in your particular case of baldness. The cost entirely depends on several factors includes the usable technique, a number of grafts and an extent of baldness. It is mandatory to take an assessment to your doctor before going to take it for an estimation of the price of the hair transplant procedure to plan everything as suited to your budget and ability to pay.

The cost of hair transplant is playing a major pivotal role as the city is famous for the budget cost option for the hair transplant procedure. According to the report of a medical tourism survey in India, says that around, 2,00,000 people visit annually and approximate 5% of them getting the treatment of the hair transplant followed by the proper consultation. It explains the fact that the hair transplant is available at a reasonable cost with the most effective services all over the World. India has the enormous privilege in the hair transplant industry due to the availability of many topmost centres and World’s best hair transplant surgeon including the name of the Medispa hair transplant centre who is run by the World’s topmost Surgeon Dr Suneet Soni. The hair transplant clinic, Medispa India offers most advanced 4th generation hair transplant FUT technique with the Trichophytic closure that provides extremely satisfying results along with the benefits of quicker recovery, the higher regrowth rate as well as the perfectly matched hairline according to the patient’s facial profile and their style need with the densely-packed hairs with a number of grafts as a result of natural hair transplantation without having any kind of side effects.

Here the points that you must take into the consideration while going for a hair transplant procedure that also brief you about the parameters which weigh the cost of the procedure are as follows: –

1. A Need & Expectations of the Patient: If a patient desires a very dense packing termed as the high-density hair transplant, needs a number of grafts to offer the densely-packed hairs and the cost of the procedure varies accordingly. Density refers to the amount of grafts required in per (FUs/ to hide the bald portion and therefore the price varies with the desired density that have you chosen! If you wish to get a lot of coverage with a number of grafts, then the price will be increased accordingly, and if you wish to get a less density, of course, the cost would be less.
2. A Healthy Assessment required by the Surgeon: Why an assessment is required, a pertinent question in order to get information about the hair loss issues, their causes and cure. To know about the causes of the baldness the baldness is an additionally important as that of their solution included under a pre-procedure step that you must consider while going to get the consultation. If you are unable to visit the centre individually, then there is the option available to solve your query online via an online consultation. You can get an online consultation with the thread of our Medispa link on our website.

Here some necessary factors that decide the requirements of doctor assessment is as follows:-
• Causes of Hair loss : Is your hair loss/baldness is carried out by your genetic attributes that shows the DHT sensitivity on the scalp hair roots mainly from the unsafe area of the scalp, including the front, top and crown portion of the scalp or is there some conditional factors, including the environmental changes, accident, burns, chronic diseases, chemotherapy and some prescribed medicines for particular diseases are also playing a causative role for the hair loss problems.
• Suitable Technique: It is a FUT hair Transplant or an FUE session that decides the cost of the procedure directly. It is the technique which says about the number of graft harvesting to fulfil the implantation criteria to cover the particular grade of baldness. It is a well-known fact that the a FUT session is able to harvest a number of grafts via the strip excision that is a conventional and most popular in the field of the hair restoration. The FUT do the same in a very time extension nonetheless, the number of grafts is lesser as well as a less sustainable hair roots as the grafts are extracted from the unsafe areas also. So when we consider the consuming time it will be the FUE that takes more time to extract the grafts and the cost varies accordingly. The doctor/surgeon assess your donor zone to know about their capability and strength in terms of getting the required density that tells the obtainable density corresponding to coverage area/recipient area which consequently decides the feasible technique for harvesting the grafts and the cost put accordingly.

Number of Hair Grafts: The hair transplant procedure cost is directly decides by the number of grafts, which a doctor harvest and implant to perform the particular technique in order to sort out the problem of baldness. The per graft cost in India is ranges between the Rs. 30-120 INR. It is said that it is the fairest manner to put the cost of the procedure as the number of grafts decides the need of follicular units to cover the particular grade of baldness.