Is Hair Transplant The Most Effective Treatment For Alopecia Areata?

Is Hair Transplant The Most Effective Treatment For Alopecia Areata?

It is not just the genetic reason for which you lose your hair but it is definitely the most common cause of it. Other contributing factors leading to hair loss is changing lifestyles, deteriorated environmental changes, poor nutrition due to junk diet pattern and overuse of the styling aids.

Unfortunately some diseases are also associated with hair loss and one of them is the autoimmune diseases termed as alopecia areata. Let’s grab quick information about what is and how to treat it?

What is alopecia areata?

Alopecia areata is a common autoimmune disease which develops autoimmunity against the hair follicles by treating them as foreign body. The immunity of your body would kill the hair follicles and would shed them continually causing baldness.

The hair loss would look like a patch of baldness that becomes multiple overtime and enlarges to form a bigger patch. The areas included under the hair loss in alopecia areata is majorly scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes and face along with the other parts of body. The progression of hair loss is very unpredictable as it could progress continually or would stop for few years or could never occur again.

Pattern of Alopecia areata in males

In males, this medical condition involves scalp, chest and hairs at the back. The diagnosis of hair loss due to genetic reason or alopecia areata is based on the fact that alopecia areata cause patchy hair loss and androgenic alopecia or genetic hair loss cause gradual thinning of hair which shed the hair follicles.

Pattern of alopecia areata in females

The incidence of alopecia areata is uncommon in females but still occur in them too. The areas which are majorly involved are eyebrows, scalp and eyelashes. The distinct feature in androgenic alopecia and alopecia areata are that in alopecia areata the hair loss is patchy and in androgenic alopecia it involves hair thinning and widening of partition over progression.

Is hair transplant suitable for patients of Alopecia areata

Various treatment measures you could think of hair loss are using hair wigs, extensions, prosthetic hairs, medications and hair transplant. You know how difficult it is to use hair wigs or prosthetic hairs for a longer term as they demands a lot of maintenance. On the other hand, medications are unpredictable in their outcomes as the results could reverse because of the discontinuing medication. The left opt option is hair transplant which has predictable outcomes that results for life time. Therefore, you can definitely say that this is the most suitable way to treat the baldness be it androgenic alopecia or alopecia areata.

But there are certain terms and conditions to undergo the procedure that decides the feasibility of the procedure as per the individual patient. For the feasibility first and foremost the donor area should have ample number of hair follicles at the donor area for suitable coverage.

The hair loss should be stable for at least 2 – 3 years as in unstable hair loss cases the hair follicles will continually shed form the existing hair areas leaving the transplanted hairs and the results would look like a failed hair transplant. In addition, the surgeon would perform a scalp biopsy that should suggest no inflammation under the affected skin If there is no inflammation you can have a chance to undergo hair transplant otherwise you need to wait for a while for the inflammation to subside.

Usually the hair transplant is successful in most of the stable cases but the success rate is around 75 – 8- % which is a huge success in such cases. Thus, it becomes mandatory for you to know thoroughly about the success of the procedure as it would help you in decision making. In certain circumstances it is also possible that you might lose the hair if the investigations are not properly conducted.

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