Explain The Difference Between FUT And FUE Hair Transplant


Rarely there are adults who aren’t familiar with hair loss, it is however, equally distressing and disappointing if it is permanent in nature. So, if the hair fall occursat the rate of approximately 50 – 100 hairs per day then it is normal. However, if it is more than that then yes, it is not regular and one needs to see a doctor. As part of initial treatment, usually OTC medicines such as Minoxidil (to be applied as topical lotion) or Finasteride (to be orally consumed) are advised to bring down the hair loss progression. However, if the hair loss resumes once the medication is stopped then the only solution left is to undergo a hair transplant procedure and this the main reason that Hair transplant in India has been on the rise because eventually the patients now realise that if they need permanent results, they have to undergo this procedure.

In a hair transplant, your surgeon harvests hair follicles from the healthy sites in your body most probably it would be the side and the back of your head. This is because these areas have permanent roots which are resistant to androgens. Then these follicles are transplanted at the bald site while taking due care of hairline design and ensuring minimal damage to the grafts.

There are two broad techniques which are used to harvest the hair follicles from the donor site:

  1. FUT hair transplant (Follicular unit transplantation or strip technique): FUT hair transplant technique involves harvesting of a thin strip usually not more than 1-1.5 cm wide from the donor area. The strip is then taken to the graft separation room wherein individual hair follicles from the strip are isolated along with adequate amount of surrounding tissues. This follicular unit is then transplanted to the recipient bald site.
  2. FUE hair transplant (Follicular unit extraction): FUE hair transplant technique is performed by extraction of follicular units individually from the scalp which is then directly transferred to the recipient bald site. Here a small punch like surgical device is used in the scalp tissues to extract the follicular grafts which is almost a blind procedure. The extraction is performed under high magnification as the grafts should be properly visible to assume the direction of the insertion of surgical device.

A lot of debate is ongoing about which technique is better. However, the status presently is that there is no ideal technique and each has its own specific application where in it is better than the other. It actually depends on your surgeon’s assessment of your scalp and baldness that he/she may decide to opt for one technique over another.

Usually these factors are:

  • Extent of Baldness and number of grafts required
  • Age and Gender of the patient
  • Quality and density at donor hair

So, it is actually your surgeon who is the best judge for which procedure is to be used in your case. Hence, it is of paramount importance that you spend enough time to research for a surgeon who has a comprehensive outlook towards hair transplant and can perform all procedures. Only, then he/she can decide the right approach for you. Medispa Hair transplant clinic in Delhi and Jaipur owned by Dr. Suneet Soni is one of the preferred destinations for patients from all across the world to undergo hair transplant surgery. The reason being very simple – Dr. Suneet Soni is deeply respected in his area of work with a lot of international and national felicitations and awards. He has performed more than 5000+ quality cases of hair transplant over his 15 years of career.

Differences between FUTand FUE hair transplant:

  1. Method of harvesting:

FUT: Harvesting a thin strip which is then dissected to isolate individual follicles FUE: Involves direct extraction of hair follicles using a punch like device

  1. Scarring:

FUT: Almost invisible scarring when thin strip is harvested, can be further reduced using “trichophytic closure” FUE: almost invisible scar of circular shape could be present which can also be reduced if extraction is performed with adequate spacing

  1. Number of grafts:

FUT: For receiving higher grafts i.e3000-3500 grafts FUE: Provides lesser graftsi.e2000-2500 grafts

  1. Head Shaving:

FUT: Involves shaving only around the strip and is not visible FUE: Complete shaving of head requiredhence, not preferred by women

  1. Follicular damage rate:

FUT: Less damage rate as performed under high magnification FUE: Relatively high damage rate as involves using a punch device to extract follicles

  1. Healing time:

Normally the healing time is same as 1 week for both procedures but FUE may have slightly lower healing time as no suturing is involved.

  1. Procedure duration:

FUT is a shorter procedure in duration as compared to FUE

Hair transplant cost in India is very judicious given the quality of treatments that are available. The cost is anywhere 70-75% less than a similar procedure performed in the US, UK or even UAE. Having said that, it is always preferred to consult a super specialist surgeon such as Dr. Suneet Soni who have years of trusted experience and results to support their claims and then you can understand which technique is best for you and how much shall it cost!