Can Hair Transplantation Cure Female Pattern Baldness?

female hair transplant

Hair loss in females could be very depressing and devastating as it could be very criticizing for females. Hairs are considered the most crucial asset a woman could have to look beautiful and losing this could be heart breaking. On top of that it could be very embarrassing to face the social gatherings with a problem like this.

In the present era of advancements in medical sciences let’s see do we anything which could treat the female hair loss permanently or not.

Female pattern baldness

Female pattern baldness is equally common as male pattern baldness which is also termed as androgenic alopecia. The genetic dysfunction is the sole cause of female pattern baldness which is running from generations to generations in your family and unfortunately you too have it. Female pattern baldness is caused due to over sensitive hair follicles which led to hair thinning and miniaturization under the influence of androgenic hormone.

The hair loss cycle progresses leading to the central thinning and continuous widening of the partition unlike makes where there is growing baldness. The back and sides of the head is not involves as they do not contains DHT sensitive hair follicular grafts which make them stay for life time.

The increased prevalence of the female pattern baldness could be due to the added contributing factors which are interplaying with the genetic factors to cause the hair loss. These factors include changed lifestyles, changed environment, increased used of styling aids, increased stressful life and increased pollution.

To minimize the impact of hair loss you can do your best to live a healthy lifestyle and eat nutritious food.

Can hair transplant cure female pattern baldness?

Hair transplant can obviously cure the female pattern baldness. It is majorly misinterpreted that hair transplant in females is not possible and only can be performed in males. In fact hair transplant in females is a huge success but usually less females opt for this procedure as the pattern of hair loss in females is distinct in which they rarely go bald and most of the times it is central thinning which widens up as the hair loss progresses.

But nowadays as the aesthetic awareness is increasing more and more females are coming forward to rectify their flaw of hair loss and achieving very pleasant outcomes.

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Hair transplant in females

The basic techniques and procedure for performing female hair transplant is similar as male hair transplant with fewer précised changes. The basic procedure stays the transferring of the harvested hair follicles from the donor area to the recipient bald area. The basic techniques to perform the hair transplant in females include the FUT or strip hair transplant technique and FUE hair transplant technique.

These techniques are usually chosen as per the situation of the patient and multiple other factors associated with hair transplant including gender. The FUT hair transplant technique is the preferred technique in females as this technique would have added benefits including:

  1. With FUT hair transplant technique higher yield of hair grafts can be pursued as this technique could harvest 3000 – 3500 hair grafts. In females, generally there is need of more number of hair grafts due to the central thinning as compared to males which makes it an appropriate technique worthy to choose in female hair transplant.
  2. In females usually shaving of head is avoided which is suitably possible with FUT hair transplant technique which makes it a preferable option in female hair transplant.

The female hair transplant is very tricky which has to be performed under expert hands as novice hands could damage the existing hairs which would do more harm than good. So think wisely and then choose the best hair transplant surgeon for the assured desired outcomes.