Explain The Importance Of FUT Method For Hair Transplant

FUT hair transplant

Hair transplant surgery is a minimally invasive procedure which has been considered the most effective way to treat the hair loss issue. At Medispa hair transplant clinic, we have created more than 5000 successful hair transplant stories which show our consistent success rate of hair transplant. Dr Suneet Soni is a believer of delivering the best for which he perform all the hair transplants by his expert hands and make sure every patient receives the world class desired hair transplant results.

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Hair transplant is performed by extracting the hair follicles from the donor locations which possess permanent hair roots that are then transplanted at the desired bald area. To have a pleasant amount of coverage at the desired bald area the donor areas should have ample hair density to harvest an adequate numbers of hair grafts.

Hair transplant techniques

The hair transplant technique is performed by using 2 basic methods which are differentiated based on the method of harvesting the hair grafts. The techniques are explained as follows:

  1. FUT hair transplant or strip technique: FUT hair transplant technique is performed by harvesting the strip from the donor areas on the scalp (back and sides of the head) which is then sent to the graft separation room for further division of the individual hair grafts. These hair grafts are carefully transplanted at the desired bald area with proper hairline designing. The donor area is sutured back using an advanced approach termed trichophytic closure which is intended to heal the donor site with almost invisible scarring.
  2. FUE hair transplant: FUE hair transplant is performed by extracting the individual hair grafts from the donor area by pulling each of them using a punch like surgical device. These extracted hair grafts are then transplanted at the desired bald area which is very carefully done as the damage rate of hair grafts using this technique is higher than the FUT hair transplant.

The FUT hair transplant technique is an indication in extensive baldness and high density hair transplant as the surgeon can harvest around 3000 – 3500 hair grafts using this procedure. On the other hand, FUE hair transplant technique is not competent in providing such higher yield and thus the procedure is indicated in initial bald cases or facial hair transplant.

Importance of FUT method for hair transplant

FUT hair transplant technique is underestimated by most of the novice surgeon who are not competent and fluent in performing this technique. But this technique is an astonishing method to provide excellent hair transplant outcomes. The importance of FUT hair transplant is explained as follows:

  1. FUT hair transplant technique is competent in providing the higher yield of hair grafts of around 3500 hair grafts in single session.
  2. FUT hair transplant technique provides the least damage to hair grafts as the procedure is performed in good visibility under high magnification.
  3. This technique uses a very small area to harvest the hair grafts in strip form which make it a suitable technique to preserve the donor area for future sittings in cases of progressive hair loss.
  4. The FUT technique avoids the use of shaving which is mainly demanded by females and few males too.
  5. The FUT technique avoids the over harvesting as the technique involves the harvesting from a very smaller area which mitigates he chances of violation of the safe zones.
  6. This techniques is time saving as the strip is further dissected by the technicians and the hair grafts are soon transplanted at the desired bald area.
  7. This technique does not require pulling of the hair grafts which avoids the extreme fragility of the hair grafts in order to avoid their damage.

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