What Are The Common Concerns While Considering Hair Transplant?

What Are The Common Concerns While Considering Hair Transplant?

When hair begins to come out randomly and accumulates in clumps on your pillow, floor, or bathroom sink, it may be quite upsetting. When people see these hair loss warning signals, they frequently become alarmed and adopt various home cures blindly.

Early identification and counselling may be crucial to solving the hair loss issue. The only technique that is designed to provide you the chance to cover your bald spot once again and restore your confidence along with the growing hairs is a hair transplant.

Let’s examine some of the major worries that patients have before having hair transplant surgery:

Do results from hair transplants last forever?

The only hair loss treatment that provides long-lasting results is hair transplantation. The hair follicles on the side and back of the head are DHT resistant and do not thin down or get smaller as a result of heredity. Since these follicles follow the pattern of its root and remain permanently at the transplanted site, it is preferable to transfer them to the desired recipient site.

Is hair loss capable of offering full coverage?

Although the hair transplant procedure produces pleasing results, it cannot completely replace hair loss. Due to the fact that each individual hair follicle needs a blood supply for development and sustenance, it may successfully restore 30% of your hair loss. The density of hair in the donor location also affects how many grafts are needed.

Does the process of getting a hair transplant hurt?

Every medical treatment is accompanied by a fear of pain, and hair transplantation is no exception. People frequently hesitate to have the procedure done because they fear the pain. The nicest thing about hair transplant surgery is that it is very minimally invasive and completely painless if local anaesthesia is used. People can relax while having the operation while watching TV or listening to music.  Additionally, post-operative pain is tolerable and typically doesn’t require medication.

How does the development of transplanted hair happen?

It takes months for a hair transplant to become apparent on your head. However, if a skilled hair transplant surgeon performs the procedure, the results will be natural-looking and resemble existing hairs, so the wait is worthwhile.

Patients have previously been told that the transplanted hairs would undoubtedly go through a shedding period a few weeks following the hair transplant process, which is very natural. The follicle goes through a rest period for at least two months after the hair shafts fall out. Following the hair transplant procedure, you can observe some visible hair growth on the bald scalp after three months.

After the surgery for six months, you can see significant growth that was first spread unevenly. This would undoubtedly still be true after about a month. One year after the hair transplant process, when you can see the complete results, you can enjoy the full growth.

Do this procedure’s side effects exist?

Every surgical treatment has specific restrictions and aftercare issues. Similar to other surgical procedures, hair transplantation has a few minor side effects that are often controllable and do not result in any form of morbidity.

Itching: It is a frequent adverse effect of hair transplant surgery that normally goes away within a week. In order to prevent infection or the displacement of the planted grafts, you should avoid scratching the recipient region. You may be prescribed lotions and shampoos to help with your itching.

Mild swelling: It is often seen in most cases, and it usually goes down within a week. After receiving a hair transplant, one should sleep with their head elevated for a week to prevent swelling. One headband is given to each patient, who is required to wear it for at least 2 days and 4 hours each day.

Mild discomfort: It might be a result, but it would still be bearable. The majority of the time, discomfort may be managed without the use of drugs, but if it persists, which is quite unusual, visit your hair transplant surgeon.

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