Is Hair Transplantation The Best Treatment For Hair Loss?

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With the eye out for the best hair loss management, the topic has come to table of discussion that is the hair transplant best treatment for hair loss. As we all know that hair loss is really distressing for people and could shatter your confidence and self-esteem. Science and technology have found ways to treat the baldness permanently. So let’s find out the various treatment options to treat the baldness and eye out the best among them.

What are the treatment options for hair loss?

There are fewer hair loss treatment options that you can go for treating or hiding your hair loss.

Wigs or extensions: All of us are already aware of the wigs which are easily available in the market of varying quality ad costs. These are easily available so most of the people make use of it in order to hide their baldness.


  1. Non invasive
  2. Immediate results
  3. Easily available


  1. These modalities are purely temporary and need high maintenance and frequent replacements that could be very exhausting.
  2. It could be embarrassing too as viewers could easily find out that you are wearing a wig as it gives unnatural appearance.

So for time being they can be an option but for long term it doesn’t look much feasible.

Prosthetic hair: It is a customized wig made by professionals by specially customizing the hair patch as per an individual. A specialized material is used that replicate the color of the skin in which hairs are inserted and prosthesis is made as per the bald area. The material is breathable and thus do not affect the skin. The hair inserted is matched with the characteristics of the natural hair and thus aesthetic outcomes are achieved.


  1. Non invasive
  2. Immediate results
  3. Aesthetic results


  1. They could look aesthetic but still it could not produce 100% natural looking results. They need high maintenance and frequent replacements within few months or maximum a year based on the quality of the material used.
  2. The cost could be higher based on the quality of material used and frequent replacements throughout lifetime.

It could be a solution for time being but for long term it doesn’t look like a feasible option.

Medications: Minoxidil and finasteride are 2 medications tried and tested for hair loss treatment. Let’s know about them in detail:

Minoxidil: This medication is used to slow down the progression of hair loss and to increase the thickness of hair that makes it look fuller. It is an over the counter topical solution available at the pharmacies.

Finasteride: This is an oral administered prescription based medications intended to slow down the progression of hair loss and increase the rate of hair growth. It is associated with certain irreversible side effects like reduced libido which makes it not suitable for long term treatment. It is not indicated in females of reproductive age.


  1. Non invasive
  2. Easily available
  3. Better outcomes


  1. It has certain irreversible side effects for which it can’t be a solution for lifetime. Therefore, it is a temporary treatment for hair loss.
  2. The hair growth achieved could be reversed once the medication is stopped.

Therefore, it could be a temporary way of dealing with baldness but definitely not a solution for lifetime.

PRP therapy:

Platelet rich plasma is a concentrated form of platelets which is prepared from your own blood and injected at the desired sites. This treatment could enhance the hair growth and also thickens your existing hair. The platelets in higher concentration release growth factors which provide a nutritious environment to the cells for faster division and growth. Therefore, a faster hair growth and slowing of hair loss can be expected.


  1. Non invasive
  2. Inexpensive
  3. Easily prepared
  4. Predictable outcomes


  1. It is not advisable for the established hair loss cases where it could be of limited use.
  2. It is very technique sensitive and require adequate concentration of platelets to reflect the desired outcomes.

Hair transplant:

Now comes the last and final resort of the hair loss treatment which is most desirable too. In hair transplant, your own hair from a distinct location of your body is harvested and is then transplanted at the desired bald area. The procedure could be performed by using your hair only thus it is important for the donor areas of your body to have suitable hair density. Especially, the permanent hair roots or the DHT resistant hair follicles are chosen to be transplanted which provides the permanent outcomes for lifetime. So once you get the hair transplant, the transplanted hair would stay in there for lifetime.

There are 2 primary methods to perform hair transplant that include: FUT and FUE technique which is chosen based on the situation of the baldness and other related factors associated with the patient.

In India and all around the globe hair transplant is considered the most effective treatment for hair loss. In India, hair transplant in Jaipur has become very popular as the city offers the excellent success rate at few of the renowned clinics. Talking of the hair transplant cost in Jaipur, it is very affordable these days as the industry is facing huge competition among the clinics.


  1. It offers permanent results as only the permanent hair roots are picked.
  2. The results could deliver 100% natural looks as your own hair is implanted and then they grow just like the existing ones.
  3. You can have maximum possible hair growth from the procedure.
  4. Hassle free and highly aesthetic results.
  5. Completely painless procedure


  1. Minimally invasive surgical procedure
  2. Bit expensive
  3. Very technique sensitive
  4. Needs expert surgical hand and clinic’s state of art facilities

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