How To Improve Graft Survival Rate In Hair Transplantation?

How To Improve Graft Survival Rate In Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplant procedures are intended to provide the high density hair transplant with absolutely natural looking results. The maximum hair density of hair transplant is possible when all the transplanted hairs survive. The hair transplant procedures offers permanent results which stay for life time and the permanency of results would be ensured if the hair grafts survive.

Choosing the right hair transplant surgeon is imperative for higher survival rate of the hair grafts as the procedure need to be performed with extreme precision. The qualification, experience and expertise of the hair transplant surgeon are crucial component for successful outcomes.

Hair transplantation

Hair transplant is an outpatient surgical procedure which involves taking out the hair grafts from the donor area which are then transplanted to the desired bald area. The donor area should be specifically that region of the body which possesses permanent hair roots or DHT resistant hair grafts.

The most common donor area is back and sides of the head or alternatively body hairs. The hair follicles are harvested from your own body so it is crucial to have sufficient number of hair grafts at the donor area for the procedure to be feasible.

Hair transplant in India have earned huge attention as the aesthetic consciousness has become a crucial component not only for celebrities but also for the commoners for professional success and a healthy personal and social life. The procedure is well accepted also because the hair transplant cost in India has become very affordable due to oversaturated hair transplant industry in the country. Few of the reputed and renowned hair transplant clinics are approached by the domestic as well as the international patients in huge numbers.

Medispa hair transplant clinic is one such clinic which has been approached by thousands of patients and every year hundreds of hair transplants are successfully performed at our clinic. Dr Suneet Soni is among the best hair transplant surgeons in India that had performed thousands of hair transplants with desired satisfactory outcomes. His exemplary skills and remarkable artistic vision make him unique and distinct from the peer hair transplant surgeons. He performs the hair transplant surgery with negligible damage rate of less than 1%. Medispa hair transplant clinic is one of the fewest clinics in India which has adopted the advanced techniques and technology to perform the improved hair transplant.

Hair transplant techniques

There are 2 primary hair transplant techniques which are differentiated based on the method of harvesting the hair grafts. FUT and FUE are 2 techniques which are employed to perform the procedure. FUT techniques involve the harvesting of a thin strip and then its dissection to retrieve the individual hair grafts. FUE hair transplant technique involves individual extraction of the hair grafts from the donor area.

The harvested hair grafts either by FUT or FUE technique are successfully transplanted at the desired bald area. FUE technique includes pulling the hair grafts assuming the location under the skin which increases the damage rate of the hair grafts. Including, due to pulling the hair grafts are more prone to damage as much they outside the body.

How to improve graft survival rate in hair transplantation

It is mandatory for the hair transplant procedure to be performed with extreme care for the hair grafts to survive and provide permanent results and high density hair transplant. Let’s check out the ways to maximize the survival of hair grafts which include:

  1. Minimize the hair graft damage: The hair grafts are delicate and very tiny which should be harvested or handled with extreme care to minimize the damage to hair grafts. For negating the hair grafts damage while transplantation it is mandatory to be performed by expert hair transplant surgeon. Including, the hair grafts should be handled very precisely by the technicians while transplanting at the recipient site. No root touch technique is an advanced technique which provides the transplantation of the hair grafts without touching them using a keep implanter.
  2. Avoid over harvesting of the hair follicles: The decision on choosing the number of hair grafts should be made judiciously and the technique is opted accordingly to avoid the overharvesting of the hair grafts. If the overharvesting is pursued then the safe zones are violated which could affect the survival of the hair grafts negatively and questions the permanency of outcomes. Thus, it is necessary for the hair transplant surgeon to make sure that the decision on number of hair grafts required should be judiciously taken.

Choosing the right technique to perform hair transplant: FUT hair transplant technique is indicated when there is extensive baldness and demand of high density hair transplant. This technique ensures the harvesting of higher number of hair grafts. FUE hair transplant technique is indicated in initial bald stages and facial hair transplant. This technique provides the few number of hair grafts. Thus, it should be made sure that the right technique is chosen to perform the hair transplant to avoid the overharvesting and violation of the safe zones.

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