Explain Rapid Harvest And Early Implantation Technique

Explain Rapid Harvest And Early Implantation Technique

The need for advancements is critical in every industry, but particularly in the medical one. Similar improvements and advances are being made in the hair transplant sector, which has made the process quite successful. The best and most efficient treatment for hair loss is a hair transplant, which provides permanent results that seem utterly natural. Therefore, as a one-time investment that will result in a significant improvement in your life, the hair transplant process is definitely worth your time and money.

Hair transplant

A hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure that includes moving the hair follicles that were removed from the recipient’s safe donor location and then transplanting them there. The donor location is chosen based on the density of the available hair and is typically the back and sides of the head, though it is also possible for it to be body hair.

The most common form of hair loss treatment among those who suffer from hair loss is hair transplant in Jaipur. There are only a handful prominent hair transplant clinics that have incorporated all the cutting-edge methods designed to advance the processes and eliminate their drawbacks. The low hair transplant cost in Jaipur presents a fantastic opportunity for people who are experiencing hair loss to benefit from the procedure and regain their young appearance with attractive hair restoration over the baldness.

The Medispa hair transplant clinic is a leader in the industry and is renowned for its top-notch hair transplant results with utterly natural-looking hairline. One of the greatest hair transplant surgeons in India, Dr. Suneet Soni is renowned throughout the world for his skill in the profession. He made a big name for himself in the hair transplant field by offering numerous cutting-edge methods for getting the finest results.

Advancement in hair transplant technique: Rapid harvest and early implantation

The traditional FUE hair transplant procedure involves utilising a punch-like equipment to remove the follicular grafts from the underlying scalp tissues. A portion of the tissue around the hair follicle is also removed along with the hair follicle and is then further clipped to remove any extra tissue. To prevent damaging the root, the cutting is done from the sides rather than the bottom. The pulling force added by tugging causes the roots to jiggle, which almost definitely causes harm to that root.

These hair follicles are preserved for transplantation after being harvested in this manner. At the recipient site, slits are made, and then these follicles are planted appropriately. “Out of boy time” refers to the period of time between the harvesting of follicles and their planting. When using the FUE procedure, this out-of-body period is measured in hours. As the grafts become more brittle after being pulled, the longer it is outside of the body, the greater the risk of harm.

What we do in rapid harvest and early implantation:

In this sophisticated procedure, the recipient sites’ incisions are prepared beforehand, and then the donor area’s grafts are taken. The recipient site’s slits are then prepped for the transplantation of these hair grafts. Less probability of graft injury is favoured by the follicular units’ shorter out-of-body times. However, the out-of-body time is still around 30 minutes, so the damage cannot be completely eliminated because the procedure still involves pulling forces that could, in any case, minimally harm the grafts. It is preferable to the traditional FUE treatment because of this advantage.

The FUT hair transplant method provides an additional benefit over both the traditional FUE method and the early harvest and quick insertion method. With the FUT procedure, the grafts are not pulled out; instead, a narrow strip is harvested. The individual grafts are then extracted from these strips by dissecting them under close scrutiny. The removal of the pulling forces and high magnification dissection alone boost the survival rate of the grafts. Furthermore, this method gives longer out-of-body times than FUE because the grafts are not plucked and there are plenty of tissues around them. This surgery provides for 8 to 9 hours of out-of-body experience.

Benefits of rapid harvest and early implantation technique:

The following are only a few of the many benefits of quick harvest and early implantation over traditional FUE technique:

  1. The yield of follicular units is higher than with FUE hair transplantation.
  2. Unlike the FUE procedure, which causes quite a bit of harm to hair grafts, damage is minimised.
  3. Less time is spent outside the body, and more hair grafts survive.
  4. There is less scarring.

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