Explain The Benefits of FUT+FUE+BHT Technique For Hair Transplant

Explain The Benefits of FUT+FUE+BHT Technique For Hair Transplant

When hair transplant procedures were first developed, they drew criticism for their unnautral appearance, such as plugged hairs. We are grateful to the researchers who have worked so hard to advance the approaches to the point where many previously impossible tasks are now achievable. The field of hair transplantation has advanced to unprecedented heights as we can now provide the highest hair density while maintaining a fully undetectable natural appearance.

Hair transplant techniques

The hair transplant can be performed using one of two fundamental approaches, which are explained below: FUE and FUT methods of hair transplantation

Using the FUT procedure, a strip is harvested and then further dissected to extract individual hair grafts. Following meticulous transplantation at the recipient location, extra attention is paid to the hairline design of each individual hair graft.

Using a punch instrument, hair grafts are removed from the donor location and immediately transplanted at the recipient site, taking care of the hairline design. This is known as the FUE procedure.

Body hair transplant

The body parts with permanent hair roots are used to harvest hair roots. The most popular locations are the back and sides of the head, but occasionally there are situations where hair grafts are insufficient there. In these situations, additional body areas are recommended as a backup plan. The surgery is called a “body hair transplant” if the hair grafts are taken from areas of the body other than the scalp.

The increasing demand for hair transplant in Jaipur worldwide has led to a surge in popularity for the treatment. Due to Jaipur’s internationally recognized hair transplant specialists, people experiencing hair loss go from all over the world to the capital city for hair transplant surgery. The extremely low hair transplant cost in Jaipur attracts those who are experiencing hair loss to take advantage of the finest hair transplant procedures available at a reasonable price.

One of the top hair transplant clinics in India, Medispa offers the finest results at a reasonable price for hair transplants. With the largest and most skilled hair transplant team in India, we are renowned for our kind and competent approach. One of the world’s most accomplished and skilled cosmetic surgeons, Dr.SuneetSoni founded Medispa Hair Transplant Clinic and is considered one of the best hair transplant surgeons in the world. Because of his exceptional creative ability to create hairlines, he has established himself as a celebrity go-to for results that are incredibly natural-looking.

Combination technique of FUT, FUE and BHT:

High density hair transplants are popular these days. All throughout the world, those who are losing their hair want to seem as natural as possible and have as much coverage as feasible. Even in the most extreme cases of baldness, high density hair transplant options might be difficult to find since the scalp may have poor hair density. As such, it isn’t always feasible to provide high density coverage.

A more modern approach for hair transplantation has been created that combines FUT and FUE methods with beard hair transplantation (BHT). During this operation, the hair follicles from the beard are also extracted in order to obtain the required number of hair grafts for optimal coverage. The hairs are clipped from the “shadow region” of the beard, which is located beneath the chin. In the past, bearded hair was discouraged since it may leave face scars. But because to advancements, it is now possible to totally eradicate the disadvantage of scarring. The pelvic region and maybe the chest region are other places where hair roots can be extracted.

Because it performs the least amount of FUE hair transplantation from the scalp—which was previously the source of overharvesting or violations of the safe donor area—this approach thus has various benefits over other procedures.

Dr. Suneet Soni, the head of Medispa clinics, performs this procedure using a premium punch surgical instrument with a 0.75 mm thickness, which lowers the possibility of scarring and creates a high-density look.

Furthermore, this lengthy process might be entirely painless at Medispa Clinic since we have created a concoction of anesthetics whose effects last for around 12 hours, which is longer than the longest hair transplant session that can be performed. As a result, fewer injections would be needed.

Benefits of FUT, FUE and BHT technique

Speaking of the advantages of this most recent combination of hair transplantation procedures, this approach has advanced the area of hair transplantation. A few of the advantages of the technique are outlined below:

  1. The best benefit of hair roots is their capacity to be harvested at a high density. Approximately 5000 hair roots may be harvested in a single session thanks to this technology.
  2. Because a limited number of hair roots are harvested using the FUE method from the back and sides of the head and the FUT technique from the chest and beard, the procedure permits several sessions.
  3. A wider range of hair transplants is now available, making it easier to choose the ideal graft for each bald spot. For example, single hair transplants work best for the front lines, while many hair grafts, such as those from the chest and beard, can be employed in the vertex and mid-scalp regions.
  4. The back and sides of the head are collected for an even thinner strip utilizing the FUT hair transplant process. This makes it possible for scars to grow there that are practically unnoticeable.

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