Which is The Best Technique For Hair Transplantation?

Which is The Best Technique For Hair Transplantation?

Given that the treatment is quite demanding throughout the nation, hair transplant in India has become a very popular method of treating hair loss issues. Patients from abroad as well as those in the United States travel all the way to India to get the best and most economical hair transplant.  Patients from all over the world are drawn to India for hair transplant tourism since hair transplant cost in India is significantly lower than in Western nations.

Hair transplant

An outpatient surgical treatment called a hair transplant uses hair follicles taken from the patient’s own body to cover the bald spot in a pleasing manner. The precise bodily parts that provide permanent hair roots are used to remove the hair transplants. To produce the permanent results that last a lifetime, these permanent hair roots are implanted at the targeted bald location. Only when you still have enough hair density to adequately cover the bald region may hair transplant be a viable choice.

Basics of hair transplant techniques

The two fundamental procedures used in the current hair transplant are as follows:

FUT or strip procedure for hair transplantation: In order to harvest individual hair grafts for the FUT hair transplant, experts first remove a very thin strip from the designated donor locations. They then further split this strip under a high loop magnification. An innovative technique known as “trichophytic closure” is used to sew back the donor location, allowing the donor site to recover with essentially minimal scarring. The targeted bald region is treated with individual hair graft transplantation.

FUE hair transplant: The FUE hair transplant process involves plucking out each individual hair graft one at a time with a tool that resembles a punch. In order to properly retrieve each hair graft, the punch device must be put into the scalp skin at a certain angle depending on the direction and angulations of the hair root. To guarantee the safety of each hair graft for survival and to reduce scarring, attention should be made to extend the spacing between each hair graft.

Advanced techniques for hair transplant in India

Only a small number of hair transplant clinics in India have adapted cutting-edge hair transplant procedures and are regularly using them to get the greatest results. The Medispa hair transplant clinic is one of the few centres in India that is renowned for offering top-notch hair transplant results by carrying out the procedure utilising cutting-edge methods. The most natural-looking outcomes and highest potential hair density are the key goals of improvements in the area of hair transplantation. The numerous cutting-edge methods used in hair transplantation include:

  1. Combination method of FUT and FUE: Combination technique of FUT and FUE was created with the goal of giving high density hair transplant or enough coverage to the bald region in advanced instances in a single session. In this method, the majority of the hair grafts are extracted using the FUT method, while the remaining hair grafts are extracted using the FUE method. The method allows for the collection of over 4000 hair grafts and the supply of numerous sittings for potential hair loss in the future.
  2. Combination technique of FUT, FUE and BHT: Body hair transplant, or BHT, is the process of removing hair grafts from any other portion of the body outside the scalp and then implanting them in the desired bald area. For a larger yield of hair grafts to comfortably cover advanced baldness in a single session, BHT is combined with FUT and FUE. As each hair graft may be retrieved from a longer distance with this method, damage is avoided when using the FUE hair transplant procedure to remove the hair grafts. The region under the chin is the optimal location for body hair transplant extraction since scarring is virtually undetectable when utilising a 0.75 mm punch surgical instrument.

Which is the best technique?

Every hair transplant method is thoroughly examined to determine whether it is appropriate in each situation. Every patient’s case of baldness is unique; hence the hair transplant process cannot be consistently selected for every patient.

The majority of patients seek information before selecting a hair transplant procedure, but in ideal circumstances, you should go right away to see a skilled hair transplant surgeon who can assess your scalp and jointly decide on the best hair transplant method for you.

The extent of the patient’s baldness, the need for sufficient coverage at the bald area, the quality or quantity of hair density at the donor area, and the patient’s age and sex must all be taken into consideration by the surgeon before selecting the best hair transplant technique.

When more hair grafts are needed, FUT hair transplant is strongly advised because the process can yield between 3000 and 3500 hair transplants. So, high grade baldness, widespread balding instances, and high density hair transplants are all valid signs of the FUT hair transplant process. On the other hand, a FUE hair transplant may result in a lesser yield of hair grafts, between 2000 and 2500, which qualifies it as a good option for facial hair transplants or situations of early hair loss.

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