Is Hair Transplant A Long Lasting Procedure?

Is Hair Transplant A Long Lasting Procedure?

One of the worst losses one may have in life is hair loss or being bald, which would not only have an affect mentally but also physically. When faced with a mental problem, it may be heart-breaking and cause one to lose self-worth and confidence. You may wish to go back in time and erase the effects of hair loss, but this is not feasible, and you will have to deal with the repercussions. The majority of patients first decide on wigs, extensions, or synthetic hairs but fail to deal with the bother of strict upkeep and repeated replacements.

While occasionally helpful, medications cannot ensure that favourable effects will last. Therefore, the only practical alternative and ultimate remedy for the hair loss problem is a hair transplant. Nowadays, hair transplant treatments are carried out utilising cutting-edge methods that deliver the best results, including high density at the bald area and utterly natural-looking results.

Hair transplantation

Hair follicular grafts are harvested from one area of your body that has permanent or DHT resistant hair roots and then transplanted to the targeted bald area during the outpatient surgical process known as hair transplantation. Physical recovery from the transplantation takes about a week, after which the hair growth cycle begins, providing a pleasing covering of hairs on the transplanted region.

As the demand for the treatment has grown internationally, hair transplant in Jaipur has seen a significant boost in popularity among those interested in hair transplant tourism. The pink city is adorned with a select group of well-known hair transplant doctors who are considered among the best in the world, with Dr. Suneet Soni being the best of them all. He has received recognition and awards for his brilliance in the field of hair transplantation from both national and international arenas.

The hair transplant cost in Jaipur has made the city a popular destination for hair transplant tourism. People from all over the world are drawn to Pink City for hair transplants not only because of the cheaper prices but also because of the high quality of the treatments.

Basic procedure of hair transplantation

The hand-selected hair grafts from the designated donor locations—the places from which the permanent hair roots can be harvested—are then transplanted to the intended bald areas during the hair transplant surgery. To obtain the lasting and natural-looking results, substantial planning must be done before the hair transplant process.

The first consultation, which brings up numerous aspects of the treatment and allows for the viability of the surgery to be determined, is the first stage in doing a hair transplant. The availability of the hair density at the donor locations for producing the desired results is the most important factor when determining the viability of the surgery.

Is hair transplantation a long lasting procedure?

Permanent results are offered by hair transplantation without a doubt, however these results are subjective and dependent on the expertise of the surgeon performing the procedure. The hand-selected hair grafts that are permanent in nature are harvested in order to achieve the permanent results of the hair transplant operation.

Because these hair follicles lack androgenic hormone receptors, the DHT resistant hair follicles are chosen for harvesting. Under the influence of androgenic hormones, these hair follicles do not alter and do not experience hair loss.

Because the genetic makeup of the hair is contained in the root itself, once transplanted into the intended bald spots, the hair roots follow the donor dominance and remain there permanently for life.

How can the results of hair transplants be guaranteed to last?

While performing the hair transplant surgery, several measures can be made to maintain the permanent nature of the transplant. The following provides an explanation of these factors:

  1. Most little harm to the hair grafts: When more and more hair grafts survive after the surgery, the durability of the hair transplant may be guaranteed. This is achieved when the hair grafts do not sustain damage during the hair transplant treatment. Careful harvesting and manipulation of the hair follicles, which is achievable under competent and expert hands, can ensure the least potential harm to the hair transplants.
  2. Prevent over-harvesting of the hair grafts: It is important to decide on the amount of hair grafts needed for the transplant since over-harvesting the donor site might result in more damaged hair grafts, which would have a negative impact on the results’ durability.
  3. Use the proper technique while doing the hair transplant: There are two main approaches: FUE and FUT hair transplant. The proper technique must be chosen in order to get long-lasting results because each procedure has a specific indication depending on parameters including age, sex, the degree of baldness, the amount of hair transplants required, and the quality of the hair in the donor areas.

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