Do The Skills of The Surgeon Affect The Results of Hair Transplant?

Do The Skills of The Surgeon Affect The Results of Hair Transplant?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you consider getting a hair transplant?

It is undoubtedly about the results, as everyone expects natural outcomes and maximum coverage from this procedure. Hair transplants, like any other cosmetic procedure, are considered successful when they produce aesthetic results.

But do you know how you’re going to achieve it?

Yes, it is possible if you choose a competent surgeon for hair transplant in Jaipur on whom you can rely for your results. We understand the anguish and mental anguish you’ve already experienced as a result of your hair loss. Thus, one cannot afford to be disappointed by faulty results, which can easily be avoided if you take small steps in making your decision to hire a hair transplant surgeon in Jaipur.

Nowadays, the credibility of hair transplant procedures has declined because the procedure is frequently presented on online portals as a risk-free or complication-free procedure, which is not the case. The hair transplant procedure is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that must adhere to all surgical protocols. This procedure is highly precise and must be performed by expert hands to ensure success and avoid complications because it is performed in an area surrounded by vital structures.

Here are some of the advantages of selecting a highly skilled and quality surgeon for your hair transplant.

  1. Permanent results: To achieve permanent results, hair follicles should be extracted from the DHT resistant safe area of the scalp, which is usually the back and side of the scalp. The combination of sound decision making and expert surgical hands will undoubtedly result in successful long-term results.
  2. Long-term benefits: For the long-term success of a hair transplant procedure, a surgeon should take a long-term view and make sound decisions about the number of grafts extracted in a single session. In cases of progressive hair loss in other areas of the scalp or extensive baldness that cannot be covered in a single session, an appropriate hair transplant technique should be chosen to preserve the donor area for future sittings. Higher qualification and experience always bring with them the knowledge and skill to make better decisions.
  3. Aesthetic and natural results: When the hairline is properly designed and hair grafts are carefully selected and transplanted at the desired location, they tend to deliver aesthetic and natural results. The most important step in achieving desirable natural results is the preparation of slitting prior to graft implantation. Hair follicles are transplanted at an appropriate angle and direction, in an irregular zigzag pattern. The arrangement of hair follicles in which single grafts are transplanted in the front row and temporal triangles and multiple grafts are transplanted in the third row. There are numerous other factors to consider when performing a hair transplant that produces natural results. A surgeon’s combination of expertise and aesthetic sense qualifies him or her to provide the best possible care.
  4. Lowest damage rate: Grafts will be harvested with less damage if experienced hands and ample knowledge are used. Damage can be reduced by performing the procedure with precise hands and under high magnification, where the surgeon’s skills are put to use. Inexperienced surgeons and technicians dissect or extract the grafts at random, causing damage and the loss of your precious grafts.
  5. Precised surgery with minimal scarring: When performed with precise hands and trichophytic closure, the FUT technique produces an almost invisible scar. Similarly, when the FUE technique is used with a careful selection of punch size and distant grafts, it results in almost invisible scarring. This is only to be expected from a competent surgeon with exceptional surgical skills.
  6. Prevents unnecessary complications: Every surgical procedure, no matter how minor or major, should be performed in an aseptic environment using strict hygiene protocols. If the procedure is performed by technicians or inexperienced clinicians, this aspect is frequently overlooked, which can result in multiple infections, including potentially fatal life-threatening infections. Inadequate incisions and slitting, for example, can result in trauma and significant post-operative swelling and pain.
  7. Maximum hair density: Expert clinicians strive to keep the damage rate of grafts to a minimum while preserving the maximum number of grafts that can provide maximum coverage to the bald area and thus maximum density at the recipient area without depleting the density at the donor area.

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