Jhunjhunu is a city in Indian state, Rajasthan popular for textile production and copper production in India. The city is situated around 180 kms away from Jaipur and around 240 kms from the capital city Delhi. The city has certain tourist attraction spots like grand havelis, Khetri Mahal also known as wind palace whose structure is so unique that based on it the Hawa Mahal was built in Jaipur.

Jhunjhunu medical system is average and people relies on Jaipur for most of their advanced medical care. Cosmetic services you might not find in the city but thankfully people can benefit from Jaipur for the cosmetic services that is  a hub of cosmetic clinics especially hair transplant.

Despite the lesser facilities, the hair transplant in Jhunjhunu is very popular and people opt it majorly for their hair loss solution. Yes, you also can chase your dream of the best hair transplant and complete solution of your hair loss issue at Medispa hair transplant clinic in Jaipur and Delhi.

A gist about hair transplant

Out of many hair loss treatment options, hair transplant has always given importance and has been considered the most effective modality.

Lets’ know about the procedure in detail!

Procedure:The hair transplant procedure involves the selection of the specific hair grafts from the donor area, their harvesting and transplantation at the desired bald area. The procedure of hair transplant requires prior planning during the primary consult. During the consult the feasibility of the procedure is assessed, examination based holistic decisions taken for the availability of the hair density and need of the hair density for transplantation. The procedure involves the harvesting of handpicked hair follicles that are permanent in nature.

Techniques:The hair transplant is performed by primarily FUT and FUE technique.

In FUT hair transplant a thin section of skin is removed from the back and sides of the head which is then divided further to harvest the individual hair grafts. The donor area is sutured using the advanced technique these days at few of the reputed clinics termed trichophytic closure which allows the donor site to heal with almost invisible scarring. The harvested hair grafts are then transplanted at the desired bald area.

In FUE hair transplant, the single extraction of hair follicles is performed by using a punch like surgical device. The punch is inserted in the skin of the donor area at specific angulations and depth in order to extract the hair follicles safely. The extracted hair follicles are then directly transplanted at the desired bald area.

The FUT technique is indicated when there is need of higher numbers of hair grafts and the technique could successfully harvest 3000 – 3500 hair grafts. On the other hand, FUE hair transplant is indicated in the cases where the adequate coverage can be delivered with lesser number of hair grafts and can successfully harvest 2000 – 2500 hair grafts.

Recovery:You might be wondering about the recovery following hair transplant and confused about managing your hectic schedule and routine chaos. Then don’t worry, the recovery following hair transplant will not take much of your time and while the recovery phase you can comfortably resume your routine life. The recovery might take around a week or maximum 10 days during which you need to take few precautions but would not halt your routine life. Followed by hair transplant there are few side effects which are self-subsiding and would not trouble you during the recovery. The side effects include mild swelling, itching, numbness and mild pain which are self-treatable in few days after the surgery.

Outcomes:The hair transplant procedure cannot be expected of immediate outcomes and one need to wait for months after the hair transplant for the results to be appreciated. After few days of the hair transplant, you would lose all your transplanted hairs which is a normal phenomenon. The shedding of hair depicts the rest phase for the hair follicles following which the hair follicles undergo growth phases and follow the same hair growth cycle as the existing hairs. After 3 months you would observe few ingrown hairs showing initiation of the visible hair growth. After 6 months of the hair transplant you would see fair amount of hair growth and probably after a year complete hair growth can be expected.

Benefits: The hair transplant offers numerous benefits over other treatment modalities due to following reasons:

  1. Hair transplant offers permanent outcomes as the specific hair follicles that are DHT resistant or permanent are handpicked for the transplantation.
  2. Hair transplant offers the natural looking results which can be definitely expected under the expert hands.
  3. Hair transplant is low maintenance and hassle free procedure which do not demand any sort of maintenance during the growth phase and follows the similar pattern of hair growth as other existing ones.
  4. Hair transplant is completely pain free.

How hair transplant works?

You might be thinking if the hair loss occurs then how it is possible to achieve the permanent outcomes with the same hair follicles.

For the better understanding, we would explain the working process of the hair transplant.

There are two types of hair follicles one which are DHT sensitive and others are DHT resistant. The DHT sensitive hair follicles are influenced by androgenic hormones unlike the DHT resistant ones. Due to genetic hair loss DHT sensitive hair follicles are lost which are situated in frontal and the vertex area.

The DHT resistant hair follicles do not undergo hair loss as they do not possess the receptors for androgenic hormones. Thus, for the transplantation specifically these permanent roots or DHT resistant hair follicles are handpicked. During the hair transplant, when these DHT resistant hair follicles are transplanted they follow the properties of the root itself and not the scalp skin where they are implanted thereby deliver permanent outcomes.

All of this is possible when the surgeon choose the right donor hair follicles and transplants them without damaging them at the recipient area. Therefore, it is very essential to choose a competent hair transplant surgeon for the procedure.

Why to choose Medispa clinic for hair transplant?

Medispa hair transplant clinic in Delhi and Jaipur is one of the most pre-eminent location for hair transplant treatment and has been accounted among the top hair transplant clinics across the globe.

Life is too dull when you cannot flaunt varying styles, so fall in love with your new look and hair styles by opting for hair transplant. We would strive to provide you the long lost confidence and self-esteem.

Why we for hair transplant?

  1. High quality hair transplant with maximum hair growth and natural looking hairline
  2. Hair transplant under the hands of worldwide renowned hair transplant surgeon: Dr Suneet Soni
  3. Use of cutting edge technology and advanced techniques to perform the world class hair transplant
  4. Hair transplant under extreme hygienic and safe environment
  5. Hugely experienced team for hair transplant which would ensure minimal damage to hair roots of less than 1%.
  6. History of more than 10000 successful hair transplant who would vouch for their amazing experience of hair transplant

Our vision is to provide you the natural looking hair transplant with the best experience through our generous team, integrated approach, comfortable environment, ace quality hair treatment and excellent post-operative care. We are dutiful in treating each and every patient by taking into consideration their individual needs and aspirations including their expectations with the procedure. We quote a very transparent hair transplant cost and you would be charged genuinely with no hidden cost.

We assure you that you will achieve the best possible with us with minimum wastage of hair follicles and you would cherish the hair growth for life time. Our promising team is hugely expert in what they are assigned for.

So if you are looking for the best, the best is just in front of you. See for yourself our excellent results of hair transplant on our official website.

Frequently asked questions?

Q : How hair transplant is done?

Ans: Hair transplant is performed by specific harvesting of the hair follicles from the donor areas(back and sides of the head, chest, axilla, beard, pubic hair etc.) which are then successfully transplanted at the desired bald area where the hair growth is expected. The hair transplant procedure selectively choose the permanent hair roots for harvesting and transplantation to deliver the permanent outcomes. The procedure is performed by using primarily two techniques including FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques.

Q : Will hair transplant give natural hair back?

Ans: If you are wondering that you can get all the lost hair follicles back then you should be well aware that hair transplant is a restorative procedure and not a regenerative procedure. unfortunately you won’t get the lost hair follicles back but in fact the procedure shifts the hair follicles from the high density areas to the bald area to cover the area successfully with adequate hair growth. Talking about natural looking results, yes hair transplant can definitely provide the extremely natural looking results if the surgeon you have opted is competent in doing so. The hair transplant surgeon should have adequateknowledge of hairline designing in addition to the creative vision to design the hairline in an absolutely natural looking way.

Q : How much would it cost?

Ans: The cost of hair transplant depends on numerous associated factors with the procedureand the patient. The cost of hair transplant can be decided by accounting the type of hair transplant, area of baldness, need of the hair density for hair transplant, technique opted for hair transplant, sex of the patient, academic profile of the surgeon, experience of the surgeon and location of the hair transplant clinic.

Q : Does the procedure have any side effects?

Ans: The hair transplant is a very safe procedure and causes very few side effects which are self-treatable in possibly a week after the procedure. these side effects include mild swelling, itching, mild pain and numbness at the affected area.

Q : How much time it takes to grow the natural hairs back after the hair transplant?

Ans: It would take around 5 – 6 months to see the visible hair growth following the hair transplant. In around a year, the complete hair growth can be expected.

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