FUE(Follicullar Unit Extraction)-

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)/Stitch less surgery : In FUE, instead of a strip, single units are extracted either from the scalp or beard or other body parts with very fine micro punches. Suturing is not required in this case. The punches are so fine that the healing is very fast & without any scarring. In a single session 1500-2000 grafts can be implanted. In this method instead of cutting a strip, individual follicular units are extracted from the donor area with the help of small punches less than 1mm under local anesthesia without any cut or stitches. The method of implantation is same as that of FUT. The donor area heals within 4-5 days & after 10-15 days nothing is visible in the donor area. Unlike strip surgery here body hair can also be used as donor. This is of great advantage as patients who have limited donor area in the scalp, body hair can be used. This is a time consuming surgery & a difficult procedure. But we have done maximum of 3000 grafts in a single session of FUE. Sometimes in difficult cases the surgery can be scheduled for 2 consecutive days. Some patients prefer this surgery to be done in small sessions. Small sessions are less detectable immediately after the surgery & secondly it takes care of their budgetary constraints as well.

It is not a solution for rectifying wide bald areas like Nor wood VI or even IV. It is a good option for rectifying or covering smaller areas.

We have stated the difference between the FUE method and the FUT method. The only difference is in the removal of hair grafts from the donor site (2) and the rest of the processes (1,3,4) are the same with FUT method.

Now let us explore the respective stages of the FUE method :
1-Local Anesthesia and Sedation
2-Receival of Hair Grafts from the Donor Site
a) Dissection of the Follicular Grafts
b) Collection of the Dissected Grafts One by One
3-Microchannel Development in the Recipient Site
4- Implantation of the Grafts

Second sitting in FUE is always problematic, so not appropriate if more than 1 sitting is required.

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