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Follicular Unit Extraction vs Follicular Unit Transplant

The advancements in technology and equipment used in Hair Transplants has made a lot of people happily satisfied. The Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplant are the two extensively used techniques for performing hair transplants. Both these techniques are considered to be equally effective and efficient and the only visible difference can be seen in the method of extraction of the grafts. We are going to have a look at these two in a detailed way in order to understand them and make a decision.

Detailed Analysis of FUE and FUT

Follicular Unit Extraction technique uses a small punching device which is punched deep into the scalp to reach till the roots of the hair in order to extract them exactly as they naturally occur in groups of 1-4 individually. The donor area in this technique is not confined to the scalp only and in case of lack of healthy donor supply on the scalp, the beard hair or chest hair can be utilized as well. The extraction process is carried out after numbing the donor area with local anesthesia. It is usually preferred in case of a smaller bald area or when the scalp is too tight for the FUT to be processed. The Follicular Unit Transplant, on the other hand, involves the extraction of a number of follicular units in the form of a longitudinal strip and is thus also known as the strip method. The strip extracted is then sent to be processed and dissected into individual grafts under a highly magnified German Microscope of high resolution. This technique is used for people who possess a healthy donor area and the donor area in this process is confined to the sides and back of the scalp. The second limitation is that the scalp should be elastic enough for the procedure to work.

Can the same person have both FUE and FUT?

It is quite normal nowadays if a person goes through a combination of these techniques for better results. The only concern should be to go for the combo technique only in the presence of a highly experienced and qualified surgeon who is considered an expert on both these techniques. Dr. Suneet Soni, for instance, is highly qualified and internationally recognized for his work in the field and he is an expert on the combo technique of FUE+FUT. Though the two techniques have different extraction methods and applications, they can be used as a combination to achieve desired results of good quality. They can be used together to have an ample amount of hair growth which looks highly dense and the best part is that it can be achieved even when there is a lack of donor supply from the scalp. It promises to give a high density of hair growth and maximum coverage of the baldness. Going for both these techniques can bring better results for people who don’t seem to have a healthy donor region on the scalp and the people who seem to have an extremely tightened scalp.

Graft Quality in FUE and FUT

The angle at which the hair is inclined beneath the scalp is difficult to find out as the growth at the surface and beneath the surface are completely different, it becomes difficult to punch through the scalp efficiently while performing FUE and the grafts generally get damaged a lot. The damage of grafts in FUT is found to be less than 1% and it is because of the efficiency in the procedure. The FUE is more like a blind technique where extraction via punching is carried out at an assumed angle and direction while the FUT is more likely to be perfect when it comes to extraction.

Cost Comparison of Both the Techniques

The cost of going through with the procedure of FUT is quite affordable when compared to the cost of going through with the procedure of FUE. As compared to the rates and charges of the same services all across the world, the charges of Medispa for the transplants using the same techniques and equipment is less by many times. If you consider the Medispa Laser, Cosmetic and Hair Transplant Center of Jaipur or Delhi in India, there is approximately 99% of the survival rate of hair roots at affordable prices when carried out by Dr. Suneet Soni with the help of the latest technological equipment and a team of experts.

There are a lot of factors that affect the cost of hair transplant procedures, firstly  it is the kind of technique which is being used, whether it is FUE or FUT or the combination of these two methods and then comes the amount or immensity of baldness that needs to be cured which further narrows down the figure of the cost. The kind of experts involved in the procedure and the kind of equipment used also serve as decisive factors in deciding the cost of these transplant techniques.

Healing time in Both Techniques

It is very important to realize the significance of post-transplant precautions and the process of taking care of the scalp and hair. After the transplant surgery, the scalp may become very sensitive and it is very essential to keep it covered for the first few days with the bandage and later wear a cap or a hat to protect it from the direct contact of the sun for the first few weeks. Antibiotics prescribed the surgeon should be taken as prescribed because it helps in avoiding any kind of infection that may occur. Follicular Unit Extraction promises a faster recovery than that of the Follicular Unit Transplant.

A lot depends upon the kind of technique used and it has been seen that recovery time can go to around 10 days when stitches are used in the procedure as the stitches are removed only after a period of ten days.

Advantages of These Techniques Over Each Other

Follicular Unit Transplant is known for giving the highest yields when compared to other techniques. If the primary objective of a patient is to get a highly dense hair growth then it is one of the most efficient technique to be used. FUT also takes lesser number of sessions and is considered to be a time saver. The damage to the grafts is almost negligible as it is less than even 1%. There are many advantages of FUT over FUE when it comes to the affordability, time, or the lengthiness of procedure or even the density of hair loss that these techniques can cover.

Follicular Unit Extraction, on the other hand, doesn’t leave behind any kind of linear scar and has a quicker healing period when compared to that of Follicular Unit Transplant. If the patient needs a quick healing time and wants to indulge himself in strenuous activities as soon as possible then FUE can serve as the best technique for him. It is also one of the best refuges for people with a lesser bald area and extremely tight scalp. The FUE also has the advantage of using the other areas of the body parts as the donor area when compared to the sides and back of the scalp in FUT.

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