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Dr. Prateek Sharma says:

I had undergone my first hair transplant at medispa and i got excellent results. There has been a drastic change in my looks. So i really would like to thank Dr. Suneet soni and his team for such a great job. I also recommend medispa to everybody.


Mr. Anil Rawa says:

At the moment by looking all things it looks great, anyhow time will tell & I seriously hope it turns out great, because these guys engaged in hair transplant surgery really worked very hard. Hope to see you guys soon in India.


Mr. Swapnil Kumar says:

First of all I want to thanks Dr. Suneet Soni of Medispa, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, and its whole team in the clinic involved in Hair transplant for me. They were really friendly and I felt at home. At last I wish them best of luck and great future with their hair transplant work in field of hair transplantation surgery.


Dr Vijay Singhal, New Delhi says:

I have seen many results of Dr Suneet Soni, then i decided to undego hair transplant at medispa by him. i was loosing my confidence more than my hair last year. Dr Soni has given me not only my lost hair but my lost confidence also. He has given me excellent hair density and naturalness without any visible scar on back side.
I have searched many hair transplant centers with big names, but i find MEDISPA is “the best” hair transplant centre in Rajasthan and India giving international quality results.


Mr. Himanshu Dubey says:

Thanks for taking real good case from the start till end of my hair surgery. Everyone was so cordial and that put all my worries at rest…Thanks again


Mr. Vikas R says:

My experience at Medispa in India was very special. I had a very detailed consultation with doctors and they explained me everything about hair transplantation and FUE hair transplant technique they use for it. At the beginning, I was scared but Dr. Soni shared with me the photographs of his results. I was pretty relieved and wnt through the hair transplant surgery. It was a very happy experience altogether..


Mr. Nitin Varma,New Delhi says:

i had under gone hair transplant by Dr Suneet Soni at MEDISPA in june 2011.i have got excellent results, my hair line looks absolutely natural and hair are very dense, there is no visible scar on back side. i regained my young look and confidence.
i want to thank the very skilled and precise Dr Suneet Soni and his team who gave me results which they promised and are better than what i expected.
i recommend MEDISPA as a world class hair transplant centre with very reasonable charges and international standard results.


Naresh says:

Thanks doctor for making me more younger…. highly recommended to people who are looking for hair transplant treatment. Most economical and highly qualified teams.
recognize me on facebook…….



Umashankar Sharma says:

Let me discuss with point of difference which i have realize during my earlier transplant by Doctor from from Bangalore in 2010.

Once I got transformed to Jaipur. I realized that i need a second round of sitting. Dr. Ashok transferred me to medispa.

Point of remember
Medispa (11 Aug, 2011)
Graft : 1800
Cost: around 1 lac
Survival Ration: >95%

It was an amazing experience to be treated at Medispa.
Looking for another round in coming year to bring maximum density.

Thanks Dr. Soni


Dr. Kinnar Kapadia says:

I underwent hair transplantation in may 2012 at medispa.
being a Plastic Surgeon myself i knew his results were very good, and having known Soni personally, i decided to go under the knife with him.
I was very happy with the whole experience, my results were excellent, much better than i had expected.
There r very few places in India that give this amount of density and number of hairs.
i highly recommend medispa to whoever wants to undergo hair transplantation.

Dr Kinnar Kapadia


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