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Medical tourism (MT) is defined as patient movement from highly developed nations to less developed areas of the world for medical care by bypassing services offered in their own communities. Medical tourism differs from the traditional model of international medical travel where patients generally journey from less developed nations to major medical centers in highly developed countries for medical treatment that is unavailable in their own communities. While the gindexeneral definition of the MT above covers most of the aspects of the phenomenon, it is important to note that there is no international consensus yet on the name of the phenomenon. MT is often related to globalisation and neo-liberal healthcare policies which in this case considered undermining the quality and quantity of the services available to middle class in home countries. India’s medical tourism sector is expected to experience an annual growth rate of 30%. The Indian government is taking steps to address infrastructure issues that hinder the country’s growth in medical tourism. While most travelers aim to stay out of the hospital while on vacation, a growing number of medical tourists – people who combine treindex1atment with travel — are crossing international borders for the sole purpose of attaining medical services, which can range from a tummy tuck to hair transplant.  Widespread air travel, mounting healthcare costs in developed countries, long waiting lists have all contributed to a global explosion of medical tourism in the past decade — and India is leagues ahead. Most tourist travelled to Jaipur, Rajasthan., India in 2011Cost of hotel rooms and treatment are both far more economical and competitive in Jaipur, the most popular place for medical tourism in the world.

The trend is beneficial too. Medical tourism in India. is growing at a yearly rate of 16%, while in financiindex3al terms the foreign medical services sector is expected to grow  by 300% 2015. Given Jaipur, Rajasthan. Reputation for graceful and attentive service, it is not hard to see why Medispa caters to international Patients. Airport is connected by airlines from around the world, reasonably-priced hotel rooms abound, there is reliable public transportation and easy visas for many nationalities are easy to get upon arrival, all of which help to make a stay — in a hotel or hospital — easy.

Medispa Hair transplant Center in Jaipur, Rajasthan is very popular with those who travel from neighboring Asian, Europe and gulf countries to seek Hair transplant treatment. Medispa, which specifically caters to medical tourists, has a well team to care of.

“The hospitals in Jaipur. are some of the highest quality in the world, meeting or exceeding AHIRS standards. All of our patients have given us excellent feedback on their procedures and their experiences at the facilities.”

Committing to airfares, accommodation, out of network or uninsured medical bills and time off work is a big decision for travellers to make.

Services typically sought by travelers include elective procedures as Hair Transplant with rare genetic disorders may travel to another country where treatment of these conditions is better understood. Jaipur, Rajasthan  is packed with historic monuments, royal palaces and some of the world’s top museums.

Know about Jaipur-Rajasthan Tour

So, if you are considering India as your destination for Hair transplantation, we certainly hope that you will consider visiting Dr. Suneet Soni

Get treatment in India, save the costs, get the great taste of Rajasthan and enjoy the Privilege of Touring Holy India

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