HTM Technique

HTM Technique-

HTM(Hair Transplant Medispa Techniques)  is a hair transplant procedure pioneered by Dr Suneet Soni.With this technique Medispa has given 100% results and undertakes guarentee for results.This techinque has made “MEDISPA HAIR TRANSPLANT CENTER”amoung few best and leading hair transplant center in India.This procedure is  done  in a clean and safe environment by “Team of Experts”.

Hair Transplant surgery with HTM Technique  is done by “4X magnification carlz zeiss loops” for densely packing the hair grafts. Routinely with HTM Techique  achieves the density    of 60 – 70 grafts per sq sm in frontal area, which is near normal density. The placement of the grafts is a principle stage in obtaining a natural hairline. The “frontal hairline should have a non homogeneous and non monotonous, irregular and soft look.In our applications, we are positioning only single unit grafts on the frontal hairline. In order to achieve maximum hair intensity, we proceed from the middle to the posterior scalp by placing triple and quadruple follicular unit groups.Placement of the hair grafts may take a few hours depending on the number of grafts required. You may meanwhile watch TV or take a sleep during the procedure.Hair transplantation is accomplished when graft insertion is completed. From this point on, what the patient should do is patiently waiting until the transplanted hair grows

“Medispa Team” are one of the pioneers in FUT & Body hair transplants with an experience of more than a 1000 sittings of hair transplant.

HTM Technique provides specialties in* GIGA session (more than 3500 grafts per sitting)

* Natural looking “Frontal Hairline
* Providing “Maximum Hair Density up to 75 FU per sq c.m.
* Using magnification in each and every step of hair transplant to give more than 95% re-growth in each and every patient.
* FUE by US FDA approved S.A.F.E. system
* Combination Technique of FUE and strip method

More Benefits of HTM Technique-


With the combination of FUE, FUT & Body hair transplants, a patient can get upto 5000-6000 grafts which you will not get anywhere else in the world. However, if you don’t want FUT, you can still get up to 3000-4000 grafts from scalp & body by FUE technique.

Lateral Slit Implantation & Dense Packing

The technique of lateral slit implantation lets you get the density upto 50-60 grafts per which helps you get a “Natural Look”.

Hairline Reconstruction

The patient gets sufficient time to discuss the hairline with the doctors which results in a natural look.

Minimum time for graft out of body time 

At Medispa, we take out the grafts and place them back in the body very quickly (within 2-3 hours). Therefore, the results are very good at our clinic.

  • Special holding solutions
  • The special solutions used for preserving the grafts increase the survival of the grafts.
  • Enriching medium for weak donor hair
  • We take special care of weak donor hair with the help of enriching medium.
  • No Pain during operation as anesthesia with very thin needles makes the procedure virtually pain free.
  • Minimal recovery time
  • The special anesthesia technique and the post op precautions lets you join the duty the very next day.

Thus, the recovery time is shorter and the “scars that arise are invisible.

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