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Hairline Design in Hair Transplant

Cosmetic surgeries demands not only rectification of flaw but also inevitably natural looks too. Therefore, a surgeon with excellent surgical skills is not sufficient and also demands great sense of art. Hair transplant is also an outpatient cosmetic surgical procedure which would be successful only when the coverage of baldness accompanies natural looking hairline. Hair transplant is intended to cover the bald head in hair loss cases and also design the hairline as desired if anyone is not happy with the existing natural hairline.

Hairline design is a crucial component of hair transplant as the procedure provides permanent results and cannot be reversed. Thus, hairline designing should be done priorly by keeping various factors like age, sex, facial profile and especially customized needs of the patient for satisfactory outcomes.

What is natural hairline?

Hairline is the section of hairs which lines the front portion of head covering the forehead. As the age advances the hairline recedes and enlarges the forehead which is a natural phenomenon termed “mature hairline”. But when it progresses leaving baldness then it becomes a point of concern and considered as hair loss.

Males and females have different patterns of hairline. Male hairline usually includes temporal triangles and M shaped hairline. In females the temporal triangles are usually filled. Frontal area of scalp comprises of a specific section termed “extended hairline region” which requires special attention while designing hairline for natural looking results.

How important is hairline designing?

Earlier the cosmetic procedures including hair transplant were embraced by high profile people and celebrities but now even commoners are choosing the procedure in huge numbers. The aesthetic importance is getting dominated in the present society not only for social and personal life but also professional success. Out of all cosmetic concerns, hairs are the first thing noticed as it lies at the eye level. Hair loss when occur might involve receding hairline or vertex bald patches which further co lease to form a big bald area leaving a band of hairs at the back and side of the head.

Hair transplant is an outpatient surgical procedure which involves harvesting of hair follicles from the donor area selected based on the hair density available at the DHT resistant areas. These harvested hair grafts are then transplanted at the recipient site. For restoring the baldness, hair transplant is the most effective treatment modality but the procedure should be performed ensuring the natural looking hairline. If you do not achieve natural looking results then the procedure is said to be a failed hair transplant. Thus, in hair transplant surgery importance of hairline design is crucial and should be acknowledged keenly to deliver the satisfactory outcomes.

Hairline has a unique pattern for all and varies from individual to individual. Therefore, the hair transplant surgeon should have excellent skills, in depth knowledge and astounding artistic vision to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Medispa hair transplant clinics offer the aesthetically pleasing hair transplant results with maintaining high international standards. Dr Suneet Soni is widely appreciated worldwide for his astonishing artistic sense which favors him in designing extremely natural hairline design.

How to design aesthetic hairline to enhance the outcomes in hair transplant cosmetic surgery?

Most of the patients nowadays are seeking frontal hairline transplant to rectify the flawed hairline to enhance the look. But for rectifying hairline you need to be very diligent in searching for a competent hair transplant surgeon for achieving desirable outcomes and avoiding botched results. Dr Suneet Soni is specialized in designing extremely natural hairline which has been widely appreciated by both national and international patients including celebrities.

There are few crucial components which need to be taken care of while designing hairline explained as follows:

  1. Maintenance of proper angulations: Maintaining ideal angulations for each hair graft is mandatory to achieve the natural appearance. Each hair follicle is uniquely directed which can be replicated only by a creative hair transplant surgeon. If the angulations are not designed in a proper manner then it could lead to wig looking appearance.
  2. Maintaining proper arrangement of hair follicles: Most of the hair transplant surgeons do mistake by arranging the hair follicular grafts in a linear line which gives wig like appearance. The follicular units should be arranged in irregularly irregular zigzag pattern to assure natural hairline.
  3. Maintaining proper alignment of hair follicles: The follicular units are aligned properly by judicious selection of type of hair graft and number of hair graft in frontal section to achieve natural looking results. Single hair graft are selected and preferred in the frontal line and the temporal triangles. Multiple thick grafts are preferably transplanted at the rear rows probably from the third row for ensuring maximum coverage.
  4. Select and arrange the hair grafts aesthetically in extended hairline region: Extended hairline region lies in the front section of the scalp which includes approximately 2 – 3 cm of extend bridging the bald forehead area till area of central density. Hair transplant surgeon often stays unaware of this concept of extended hairline region and focus only in front border thus delivering only compromised results. For achieving the best aesthetically pleasing results the complete extended hairline region should be taken into account.

The extended hairline region which constitutes three zones including Transition Zone (TZ), Defined zone (DZ) & the Frontal Tuft (FT). The hair follicles in each zone are arranged in a distinct manner as follows:

  1. The transition zone should have soft, scanty and irregular pattern.
  2. The defined zone should be denser and highly defined.
  3. The frontal tuft should be the most defined region.

The scrutinized arrangement of hair follicles in each zone is crucial for enhanced hairline appearance for natural looking results. The in depth knowledge of the extended hairline region is mandatory to replicate the natural hairline. Thus, you should opt for a highly qualified, experienced and expert hair transplant surgeon.

Dr Suneet soni is highly qualified super specialized cosmetic surgeon and is also certified from authorized bodies to perform hair transplant. He has high experience of more than 14 years and has performed more than 5000 hair transplant cases. His keen interest in researches keeps him updated regarding the innovations to deliver the best hair transplant results. He is deviated towards incorporating the advanced techniques into daily practice for which he stays completely informed about the recent techniques developed worldwide. He is an active member of various national and international societies and forums associated with hair transplant industry including International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS), Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI) and Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (AHRS).

Hairline surgery cost

Hair transplant is thought to be an expensive procedure but ideally it is a cost effective option for hair loss treatment. The cost of hair transplant in India is very affordable as per the standards maintained as compared to the western world countries. The hairline surgery cost is bit on the higher side  as the procedure is highly precision based and is solely depends upon the number of hair follicles required to design the hairline by hair transplant.

You might get cheaper hairline surgery options but you cannot rely on the success as they for making it profitable they majorly compromise on recruiting the surgeon and hires technicians to perform the procedure. Therefore, going under the knife of a competent hair transplant surgeon is mandatory to achieve the fruitful outcomes. The extra cost which you will pay to an experienced surgeon will surely be worth spending that can be easily reflected in the results.

If you are not happy with your hairline and want to enhance your look with dashing and appealing hairline, visit Medispa clinics for assured desirable satisfactory outcomes.

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