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My Hair Transplant Experience with Dr Suneet Soni in Jaipur, Rajasthan

1-Hi all, I am very pleased with Hair transplant done by Dr suneet Soni Jaipur, Rajasthan .My choices without question was between him and other hair transplant centers and top doctors’ did lot of research almost 1year before getting it done from Dr Suneet Soni. Before Hair transplantation I also met few of his patients who were very happy with results. Hair transplant procedure was very smooth and I would recommend all of you that you should get it done from Dr Suneet Soni. Let me jump right to the conclusion: I’m extremely happy with having chosen Dr Suneet Soni in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Dr Suneet Soni in Jaipur, Rajasthan specializes in fut. /FUE hair transplants,

A close-up of the donor area shows the small scabs. After 6 days (left picture), the scabs are almost gone.

Making my decision

Before making hair transplant decision I enquired about it from Dr Suneet Soni who tolerantly gave all answers.

Bunch of questions that looked for answers before I made my conclusion and Dr. Suneet Soni himself tolerantly answered each of them. This impressed me and established a trust link to choose his center. I’ve had too many experiences talking with some clinics front office, or good consultants paid to bring in patients for the clinics, only to discover the results are nothing like promised.

I met Dr. Suneet Soni for a consultation, and this made me even more sure about my selection. Dr. Suneet Soni s is very pleasant, internationally renowned plastic hair transplant surgeon and came across as really involved in my problem. His skills were also immediately noticeable, as he told how hair transplants works, his patients and how modern techniques work. I learned a lot about the natural angle of the hairs and how hairs should not be placed to deep in the skin – which was not told by other doctors.

I decided to have my hair transplant at Medispa, Jaipur-India under supervision of Dr Suneet Soni, as this made it very affordable. At first I was unsure about traveling to Medispa, Jaipur-India, but in retrospection this turned out to be a very positive experience.

So, in last I would like to tell you that although actual growth is months gone, I’m really confident about the result already. Thankfully I found Dr. Suneet Soni, and I can sincerely recommend a visit to his Hair transplant center.
Deciding in favor of Dr Suneet Soni-

After discovering FUT results I got my Hair transplant done by Dr Suneet Soni Jaipur, Rajasthan I would recommend strip surgery, as it has given me better results. Some said it will have strip scar but today when I see that scar is invisible thinks to tryochopytic closure.

Medispa offers both FUE/Fut. hair transplants. As I also had results reference of my friend who got it done 2 years back, I wanted to make sure I got the very best results for my latest hair transplant. I just needed extra guarantee for last hair transplant.

I got the guarantee I needed when I met Dr. Suneet Soni from Medispa for a consultation in Jaipur, India. Personal meeting changed a lot and so I stopped searching for other options .It’s difficult for me to judge the quality of Medispa Center work today. It’s been 1 years, and the hair transplant area has grown enormously and given different look to my personality. Now I can Comb, wash, cut my hairs. I can only recommend that you think through strip surgery, and maybe make a little additional investigation about hair placement and angling of the hairs to ensure a natural look.

I had my first hair transplant at Medispa Hair Transplant Center, after a referral by my friend done by Dr Suneet Soni Jaipur, Rajasthan.

My only advice is to consult Hair transplant with Medispa run by Dr Suneet Soni Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Although this is now a years ago, their methods were are superior. The procedure itself involved FUT Method. Graft was taken from donor area and was then cut into what I believe they called “micro grafts”. These are grafts containing different perfect hairs, which gave a natural appearance. The result I got was great, dense and full of Hairs. From this, it’s evident that they do not compromise on quality. Modern hair transplant surgery takes much longer time, because hair follicles are placed one by one, in small groups. Also, great caution is used when placing the grafts, to achieve a natural appearance. It’s important to get the angle of the hair right, and to avoid placing the grafts too “deep”. Medispa hair transplant Center succeeds on all these accounts.

Mr. Vijay writes “I have really lost good five or more years of my life worrying about hair, when I should have been worrying about living. It is such a monumental waste of anyone’s life [...]” I certainly know the feeling. I got my Hair transplant done by Dr Suneet Soni Jaipur, Rajasthan My results were too good and more charged up. Thanks Medispa and Dr Suneet Soni.


Success Story — a Reader’s Hair Transplant Experience

 This is my personal experience about hair transplant. It took over 4 years for me decide with lot of fear and apprehensions in mind about my look. I was having my front hair completely gone. A U-shape was formed on my head. Finally with Dr Suneet Soni help I worked out my hair transplant. . We discussed the hairline that would be age appropriate for now and the future.

When hair Transplant started-

I was given local anesthesia very mild to relax me. Then we were set to get started. I have a low pain easiness for incisions because of anesthesia and rightfully so-they did hurt especially the forehead-but the good news is you felt nothing after that. I was listening to music and receiving my mobile calls during hair transplant. The surgeon used the latest technology-the Trycophytic closure a double suture procedure -to assure a thin invisible line of scar provided you do as you’re told. It would be mature to see our own welfare. As a result if you track exactly the course for maintaining post op procedures I am certain it will minimize infection chances. I felt slight uncomfortable for 2 days but then I felt normal and nothing compared to a lifetime of happiness.

Good Luck!


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