FUE+FUT Combine Technique


With the combination of FUE, FUT & Body hair transplants, a patient can get up to 5000-6000 grafts which you will not get anywhere else in the world.

Lateral Slit Implantation & Dense Packing

The technique of lateral slit implantation lets you get the density up to 50-60 grafts per sq.cm. This helps you get a natural look.

Hairline Reconstruction

The patient gets sufficient time to discuss the hairline with the doctors which results in a natural look.

Minimum out of body time of grafts

At Medispa, we take out the grafts and place them back in the body very quickly (within 2-3 hours). Therefore, the results are very good at our clinic.

Special holding solutions

The special solutions used for preserving the grafts increase the survival of the grafts.

Enriching medium for we donor hair

We take special care of we donor hair with the help of enriching medium.
‘No Pain’ anesthesia with very thin needles makes the procedure virtually pain free.

Minimal recovery time

The special anesthesia technique and the post op precautions let you join the duty the very next day.

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