Free Hair Transplant


If you would like to be considered for the FREE hair transplant session, please email with your pictures.

How Can I Get a Free Hair Transplant?

If you have been considering a hair transplant but have been apprehended by cost, Medispa has an offer for a transplant that is good for 1,000 hair grafts. Winners are chosen at random through drawings.

Go to us how baldness has affected your life@Why you a need a hair transplant. Fill in details and you will enter into our competition. Win the Transplant

Medispa will select an entry at randomly. If you win, you will need to give the Medispa the right to use your information and pictures on publicity material. If you do not agree, you will forfeit your prize and someone else will be given the free transplant option. You will be notified within five business days of winning.


-  Win the battle over hair loss today with help from Medispa. This year Medispa is giving away a free hair transplant! Just tell us what you would with a full head of hair…how has balding affected your life? All you have to do is email a paragraph answering these questions and setup a consultation with Dr. Suneet Soni. You may be the next lucky winner of a free hair transplant from Medispa.  Dr. Suneet Soni team will select one candidate to win a Free Hair Transplant and an incredible Laser treatment package! Details
-  It’s easy, in two paragraphs tell us how hair loss has affected your life- Click Here  to Start
-  Details- Click Here     (Promo Details, Dr. Suneet Soni)
- Success Stories- Click Here
-  Rules- Details

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Virtual ConsultationPlease Complete This Form To Consult With Medispa

Contact Information:

Note – This form and any reply to it does not take the place of an actual in-person consultation. It is intended to provide our Doctors and PATIENT ADVOCATES at Medispa  with an initial idea of your condition and other aspects.

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1. Contact Name:
2. Phone Number:
3. Email Address:
4. Best Time to Contact for a Consultation
5. What would you do with a new Head of Hair?

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Applicants will have to meet the following criteria in order to be considered for the free treatment in Medispa.

The applicants have to be male, between 25 and 45 of age, and never had surgical hair transplantation done before.

The maximum number of applicants will be limited to ……… Medispa will choose …..finalists out of all the applicants. The eventual winner out of the ……. finalists will be determined by Medispa visitors.

The —- finalists out of all the applicants are required to give their consent to having their pictures shown on Medispa. We will not disclose the patient’s face and personal information on the internet. Privacy protected.

After the winner has been determined, photographs with comments from both Medispa and the patient will be shown on the internet in the following days:

- on the treatment day

- one day after the procedure

- two days after the procedure

- one week after the procedure

- two weeks after the procedure

- one month after the procedure

- three months after the procedure

- six months after the procedure

- twelve months after the procedure

Airfares are to be paid for by the patient. Accommodation arranged by Medispa.

Priority will be given to those who email CLEAR pictures of their thinning areas and the donor site (ie: the back and sides of the scalp).  Email should be addressed to

Progress and status report as well as all announcements related to this free offer will be posted in Medispa from time to time.

The first 100 applicants will receive 10% – 25% discounts toward Follicular Multiplication procedures at Medispa in the event that they are not chosen to have the free treatment done. Valid for 6 months.


Year.(TIME AND DATE TO BE FIXED)….: Prospective patients can apply through

 Year…..:: Selection of ten finalists by Medispa.

 Year…..:: Selection of the winning patient by visitors of the Medispa.

 Year…..:: Treatment in Jaipur by Medispa team.

Year…..:  and after: Progress report.


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