• What is Hair Transplantation? 

Hair transplantation is the transfer of strong and permanent hair roots which were removed from the back side of head special techniques and these roots are grafted in the skin on the bald area or in between the hair where the density has to be increased. Many advances were proceeded throughout the evolution of hair transplantation and with the possibilities of the modern medicine, baldness is almost about to extinguish.

  • When one should think of a Hair Transplant? Is there any age restriction or limitation?

This option should be thought when your frontal or vertex hairs starts to thin. You start losing your natural hair line. No, there is no age restriction. Limitations are patient should not suffer from any chronic disease or other medical issues. These can be consulted with Dr Suneet Soni who will assist you with medication before hair transplant. Normally patients having blood disorders, hepatitis, cancer, uncontrolled diabetes, etc needs serious consultation.

  • Can females undergo hair transplant by FUT Technique?

Yes they can. Kindly consult before planning for it to Medispa specialized Clinic who has treated many female candidates.

  • Is Hair transplants costly?

Medispa has an international set up and maintains highest quality standards. We believe in providing quality service at economical cost with better results with density, proper direction and less damage to hairs. It’s not costly as compared to changes it brings to your life and other hair loss treatments.

  • Is hair transplants procedure painful?

The procedure here is very simple. Hair transplant procedure is performed under local Anesthesia which numbs the recipient area and has very mild pain which can be subsided with pain killers. We perform Hair transplant operation with highly trained team, International set up and equipments.

  • Is there any complication subsequent to Hair Transplantation?

No such complications in hair transplant as it is performed under safe environment by highly trained staff. It’s a safe one day procedure with amazing results. No nerves or vital structure of scalp is disturbed. Some swelling may occur but lasts only for 7-10days.

  • Can bald area of the scalp/head be restored using body hairs?

Yes, it can be done. Each hair is different in color, texture & thickness. It will act as a natural re-growth process.

  • Can I wash, cut, comb and dye my hairs after re growth?

Yes, you can. Hairs after transplantation grow like a natural hair which can be combed, cut, washed and dyed.

  • Can we do hair transplant if the patients are suffering from some medical condition?

You need to consult doctor any medical conditions. Even in extreme cases Hair transplant can be done with doctor consultation and medication the patients having blood disorders, immune compromise conditions (hepatitis, cancer, uncontrolled diabetes, etc) are carefully investigated.

  • Do All Transplanted Hair Grafts Grow?

At Medispa we give 95% hair growth guarantee. We are able to do this as we have imported equipments, less damage rate of hairs, well trained staff and over 1000 successful Hair Transplants. Number of hairs grow will depend on the density of the hair at the donor site and on the size of the graft chosen.

  •  Do Hair Transplants really work?

Yes, they work with 100% results. It is the only method which gives you natural live hairs which grows dense in pattern and gives natural look. It has been proven all over world with 99% success rate. More people are adopting this technique and are happy with results. See our patients and celebrities photographs. It’s a process where donor and recipient area both are natural hairs.

  • Do you have any pictures/patients that I can see?

Please click here

  • Duration of the stay in the hospital post procedure? Do I need to keep any precautions?

It’s a 6-8hrs in a day procedure at Medispa hair transplant center. You can come alone and not necessary to bring anybody along with you. During hair transplant you can have breakfast, lunch, read paper and listen to music. Second day you can shampoo your hairs and resume your normal office work. At Medispa we take care of all the procedures while you are in hospital.

  • How are eyebrow hair transplants different from typical head hair transplants?

Every hair has its own characteristics. Eyebrow hairs grow up from the hair follicle at very sharp angles. This angle is what gives eyebrows the flat appearance on the eyebrow crest, which in contrast, scalp hair raises at a 45 or more angle from the scalp. The growth cycle of eyebrows hairs is much shorter than the growth cycle of head hair. Also, using head or body hair for eyebrow transplants is that the hair will continue to grow, which requires for the regular trimming of the hairs in order to maintain an acceptable and physically appealing eyebrow appearance.

  • How big is a session?

The number of sessions varies, and will depend on the:

  • Area of scalp treated
  • Number and size of grafts used
  • Density of hair desired by the patient
  • Individual characteristics such as coarseness or fineness of hair
  • Current stage of hair loss and future rate of hair loss
  • Time frame in which patient wishes to replace lost hair
  •  How Long After a Hair Transplant Would I Be Able to Go Back to Work?

Second day you can shampoo your hairs and resume your normal office work. At Medispa we take care of all the procedures while you are in hospital

  • How long does it take for the hair transplant to heal?

At Medispa we use special technique for micro slits which heals fast. Healing is done within a weeks’ time. No special precaution is to be kept. Strip method heals fast

  • How long does it take for Transplanted Hair to Grow?

Hair grows in phases. Normally hair falls after 3 months of hair transplant and starts growing 3 month onwards. You can very well see growth in 5-7months time which grows on with time progresses. At Medispa we not only give results in 3 months but also density, direction and pattern is taken into account.

  • How Long Will the Transplanted Hair Last?

Hair will last through out your life. At Medispa we take special care for this. Since the donor area which is normally the back side of head (which never falls) are received in the recipient area

  • How many days would it take for scarring to be not visible Can I wear a hat or cover?

At Medispa we use very fine technique where the stitching is closed by special Trycophytic closure technique which does not leave any kind of scar at the back. Check photo. A fine strip of scalp which is 1cm is taken from donor area which from day 1 cannot be seen. You don’t need to where any sought of hat etc to hide it. After a month’s time hair starts growing from strip line itself which leaves no scar behind.

  • How many hairs are required to cover the bald area?

It depends upon how much is the bald area and density required by patient. Click here to find more. An online consultation would help us understand better with your latest photo covering bald area.

  • How much time it will take for complete regrowth?

10-12months.At Medispa we have given results in 5-6months.

  • How to compare the quality of Hair Transplantation?

Quality of hair transplantation can be compared by

-Doctor who is undertaking Operation

-Well trained team.

-Association with authentic medical organization

-Instruments used.

-Minimum 300Hair transplant experience.

-Conversation with patients who has already done Hair transplant.

-Maintaining standard norms and international set up.

-Ease of operation for patients.

  • I am confused between FUT & FUE which one should I opt for? In which cases is STRIP Technique better than FUE?

Both the techniques fulfill hair transplant procedure. FUT (Strip) is a golden method for covering larger bald areas with minimum hair damage. At Medispa we give guarantee of 95% hair to be placed in the bald area by this method .Our state of art set up which fulfils international standards and well trained teams help us give these results. No scar is left behind due to Trycophytic closure technique. In FUE technique hairs are extracted from back by machine and drilled and punched. Process of graft placement is the same in both the methods. Here damage rate of hairs are 10-15% as compared to fut. where it is less than 0.5% in our case.Ex-Cricket player virendra sehwag got it done by FUE and salman khan, cricket commentator Harsha bhogle got it done by FUT.

  • I had a hair transplant about 8 months ago and feel that the hair is not growing as fast as I’d like. Should I think about getting another transplant?

Normally if your hairs are not growing the way you wanted then there is the problem with the poor hair transplant done by that dr or clinic. At Medispa we have given 100% results and success rate. All our patients have seen results in 5-6months.their may be some medical conditions which may lead to less or none hair growth.

  • I’m from other city/NRI. I want a hair transplant done?

Yes, if you are a NRI or from some other city or a foreign national you can get the hair transplant done. We can arrange for your accommodation at our place or nearby hotel depending on availability and advance booking. At Medispa many patients from across the globe has taken this benefit.

  • If wanted to split the surgery into 2 parts, e.g. do 2000 grafts in May and 2000 in December would this allow for quicker healing and shorter recovery due to less trauma to the scalp, or is it all the same?

Yes you can do split hair transplant surgery. But it would be good if one plans in one sitting.At, Medispa in FUT you can have 5000 grafts in single sitting with .05% damage of hairs. In case of FUE maximum 2000 grafts can be placed. We do both FUE/FUT surgeries.

  • In What Type of Baldness Has This Treatment Been Helpful?

Hair transplant can be done by both male as well as females. It treats all type of baldness. Baldness can be cured by taking hairs from donor area.

  • In your opinion would body hair be an appropriate source of donor hair to augment the transplant? Can this possibly be performed with fewer grafts to reduce cost?

Body hair will carry its own characteristics in transplanted area. Normally donor area is defined from back of head scalp. Only in case where donor area is not sufficient body hairs are taken for hair transplantation.

  • Is any test required to determine if your head or body hair can be extracted by FUE?

Yes, there are test required before opting for FUE method.

  • Is it a good idea to have a hair transplant at an early age?

Hair transplant is a remedy for Hair loss. Age factor does not matter. One should be medically fit. At Medispa we have done hair transplant even of patient age 70.

  • Is it beneficial to use Propecia after a hair transplant?

Propecia is normally given under consultation in order to maintain hair which has not fallen.

  • Is it safe to undergo Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplant is the safest process as compared to present hair loss treatments available in market.

  • Is the FUE method more expensive than the strip one?

Yes,FUE method is more expensive than FUT method.

  • Is There a Minimum or Maximum Time Period that is allowed between Individual Hair Replacement Surgery Sessions?

Yes in case of FUT it is normally 10months but can be increased or decreased with proper analysis with Surgeon.

  • Is there any difference in the no. of follicles extracted by these methods?

Yes, in case of FUT method we can get up to 5000grafts or 10,000 hairs with 0.5% damage where in case of FUE its only 2000 with 10-15% damage

  • Regarding financing, what are my options? Do you have any programs where you have no payments for x number of months?

At present we do not have any tie up, but there are many private financial organizations that do financing with whom you need to check.

  • What are the characteristics of pattern baldness?

Baldness pattern could be explained by Ludwig analysis.Kindly check picture below.

  • What can be expected after hair restoration surgery?

After hair restoration surgery you can expect, scabs will be formed on the scalp which will falls in a month’s time. Shampoo head from 3rd day onwards. Heavy exercises and laborious work are avoided for at least 30-40days. Hairs grow in a natural way with density, direction and pattern

  • What is dense packing?

Dense packing gives hairs proper look, pattern and direction. At Medispa Dr. Suneet Soni uses 4X magnification carlz zeiss loops for densely packing the hair grafts. Routinely he achieves the density    of 60 – 70 grafts per sq cm in frontal area, which is near normal density

  • What is Scalp Flap Surgery?

Scalp flap surgery is nothing but hair transplanted by fut. technique or strip method.

  • What is the difference between hair and follicular units?

Hairs are single, but follicular units are group of 1 or 2 or 3 hairs

  • What is the difference in the post-op precautions of both techniques?

Post op precaution is briefed to the patients.

  • What is the time gap between individual sittings during Hair Transplantation?

In case of FUT a patient can listen to music, have breakfast and lunch in between. He can even move around to see procedure.

  • What Type of Preparation is required prior to Hair Transplant?

No special preparation is required before hair transplant. All pre/post-op preparations are discussed with patients well in advance.

  • When can one see the final results?

Final results can be seen in 5-7 month onwards. Hairs start growing and are visible with density, pattern and natural look.

  • When there is a Large Area of Baldness, is it Possible to cover the Entire Bald Area?

Yes you can cover entire bald area. Baldness is defined into different stages which can be seen in picture At, Medispa we are have transplanted 10000 hairs in one day.

  •  When will the scabs fall off?

Scabs start to fall off in month itself. As these hairs which are transplanted gives a natural shock to the roots of the hair which takes times to adapt. After 3 months new hairs starts to regrow.

  • Where is the procedure performed? What is the most important aspect of the whole transplantation process?

Hair transplant procedure is performed at Medispa hair transplant center, Jaipur.the important aspect of whole process is that it should give a natural looking hair with density, pattern and natural look. It should be performed by a specialized surgeon and trained team with ultra modern equipments.Patient should be given value for their time and money.

  • Why Have I Seen Hair Transplants that have an abnormal Look? Does the transplanted hair look natural?

Many hair transplants are not done by specialized clinics which results in abnormal look .At Medispa we take care of placement, density and pattern of hairs which gives a natural look.

  • Why is it costly than the Strip method?

FUE method is normally done by surgeons himself which is time consuming. More damage of hairs due to which more hairs are needed for density.

  • Will it affect brain or tender nerves and cause any mental abnormalities?

It does not effect in any way. No tender nerves or important portion of brain is       touched and only a strip is taken from scalp.

  • Will the surgery produce big scar in the donor area?

No, with latest Trycophytic closure no scar is left behind. Even hairs start growing from the strip making them invisible.

  • When and where can I meet for hair transplantation?

Yes, it would be best to meet in person at Medispa Hair Transplant Center from Mon-Sat Click Here

You can also, leave a comment or mark us a mail at drsuneetsoni@gmail.com.


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