Does Hair Transplant Works?

Do hair transplants really work?

Yes. They work. Live hairs are taken out from back side (Donor Area) and planted in bald area (Recipient). Each of these live hairs has its own uniqueness; color, quality, growth rate, and curl, after transplantation and grows in same way. Since these hairs or “follicular units”(group of one, two, or three hair follicles) are from same body it carries same character. At Medispa hairs are placed skillfully closed to each other to give natural results.

At Medispa we explain how hair transplant works. Here doctor will explained different stages of Hair transplant and he would check the donor areas of head to see what he can achieve. He will examine the sides and back of your head. After checking, the doctor will explain about

  • No of hairs grafts needed
  • Quality of hairs you carry.
  • Area needs to be covered.
  • Procedure for Hair Transplant.
  • Other valuable information.

He will make arrangements if needed with patients who has successfully undergone hair transplant at Medispa.

So, do hair transplants really work?

Yes they do! Over 500+patients have undergone Hair transplant, and with time the hair started to grow back.


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