Body Hair Transplant (BHT)

Body Hair Transplant (BHT)                                             

At Medispa we can extract grafts from any part of body normally  from beard, chest, shoulders, abdomen & legs. We give 100% successful results here too.

White hair Transplant-

At medispa even you have white hairs it can be transplanted.These hairs can be cut,washed,combed and dyed like natural hairs.

Stylist Hair Transplant-

At medispa,we transplant hairs in style you want.


Hair here deceases due to facial injury alopecia, over plucking, scars etc. At Medispa, eyebrows are regained by restoration; every solitary implant is set in microscope and inserted into thin areas in the eyebrows which make dense eyebrows. It’s a 100% safe process with no side effects at all.

Beard Hair Transplant

 People who do not have enough hairs from back side ie donor area of head we can use body hair also. Hairs once rooted stays in the head & grow like natural hair .Body hair due to genetic character does not grow in length. Beard hair shows different characteristics and grows like natural hairs which are thick, dense and give same characteristics results as donor hair. Normally FUE technique is done for this process.


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