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Advance Hair Transplant Technique

No Root Touch Technique Followed By Early Implantation (Advances Hair Transplant Technique)

Decades ago hair transplant procedure had faced a lot of criticism because of the primitive techniques and procedures which had created the bad reputation of the procedure. But thanks to the advancements and innovations which has made it possible for the hair transplant procedure to present amazing transformed look with high density coverage and extremely natural looks.

Medispa hair transplant clinics believe in constant improving their procedures and techniques and adopt the latest technology for the benefits of the patients. Dr Suneet Soni is highly deviated towards the research and development and is well versed with all the latest developments happening in the field of hair transplant. He is constantly improving his skills by adopting newer techniques which has made him one of the most approached hair transplant surgeon all around the globe.

Here are explained few of the recent advancements in hair transplant techniques adopted by Medispa hair transplant clinics.


Before knowing the advancements in the hair transplant techniques it is important to know the basic procedure of the hair transplant which includes:

  1. Administration of local anesthesia
  2. Harvesting of “follicular units” from the donor area
  3. Preparation of slits at the recipient site
  4. Implantation of the “follicular units”
  5. Post transplantation instructions and follow up


There are 2 modern hair transplant technique which are differentiated based on the graft harvesting procedure:

FUT hair transplant technique is performed by removing a strip of scalp skin which is then dissected in the graft separation room for harvesting individual graft. These individual grafts are then transplanted to the recipient bald site. Earlier this technique was criticized for producing scars but with the latest technique of trichophytic closure these scars can be made almost invisible like FUE technique.

FUE hair transplant technique is performed by extracting individual hair graft directly from the scalp and then transplant them to the recipient site. This technique involves pulling of the hair follicles assuming the location of the hair root which makes it a blind procedure ultimately leading to more damage rate while extracting.

Medispa hair transplant clinic is well equipped with the latest technology armamentarium required to perform any of the hair transplant technique.  We have in house German based high loop microscopes to perform every step during hair transplant to keenly observe the minute steps. Dr Suneet Soni believes in opting the technique based on the individual condition and requirement of the patient and not relies on single technique. This approach favors him in delivering the best outcomes of hair transplant.

As you are thorough with the basic techniques and the procedure of the hair transplant, it is the time when you can clearly understand the importance of these advancements which are really very fruitful for the outcomes. These techniques are adopted by very few hair transplant clinics as it needs proper armamentarium and excellent skills to perform them.

Let’s see why these techniques had made their novel place in hair transplant industry..


Why “No root touch technique” came into existence?

During the hair transplantation procedure, the hair grafts are handled while implanting them to the recipient site. This is the most critical step as it decides the survival or damage of the hair grafts. Thus, it is mandatory to avoid harsh handling of the hair grafts.

But now to avoid the touching of hair grafts a recent technique “No root touch technique” has been introduced which omits the touching of hair grafts while implanting ensuring the survival of the follicular units.

How “No root touch technique” is been performed?

Once the grafts are harvested from the donor area this technique is employed while transplanting the hair grafts. It utilizes an instrument termed keep implanters through which the hair follicles are planted. This technique benefits in performing the hair transplant with a damage rate of less than 1%.

Benefits of “No root touch technique:

  • With this technique we can expect higher yield of follicular units
  • Damage to hair grafts is almost negligible
  • Thicker hair grafts can be achieved
  • More survival of grafts in turn could provide more coverage

Early implantation technique

How early implantation technique came into practice?

In FUE hair transplant technique, the hair follicles are pulled from the underlying scalp tissue assuming its location. These hair grafts carry some amount of tissue surrounding it which is then trimmed from either side to remove the excess tissue but the trimming is not done from the lower side of the hair root as the hair root could damage. This technique could make the hair roots more susceptible to damage as the pulling force could cause traction.

In addition, the hair grafts harvested are first collected and then transplanted which makes hair grafts have some “out of body time” which is in probably hours. As the hair grafts are harvested by pulling the more out of body time make these hair grafts more vulnerable to damage.

Above mentioned are the limitations of the conventional FUE technique which is undergoing major improvements and one such innovation is “Early implantation technique.”

How early implantation technique is performed?

In Early implantation technique the slits are prepared at the recipient site before harvesting or extracting the grafts. After preparation of slits, the follicular units are then pulled off from the safe donor area. These hair grafts surrounded by tissues are then trimmed from either side. These hair grafts are then directly planted into the prepared slits which reduces the “out of body time.” Out of body time refers to the time for which the hair grafts stay outside the scalp. The out of body time of hair grafts reduces to almost half an hour which minimizes the chance of damage to hair grafts and increase their survival.

FUT technique versus early implantation technique

FUT hair transplant technique as described is performed by harvesting a thin strip of scalp skin and does not include pulling of hair grafts. Thus, FUT hair transplant technique has added advantage over FUE technique or early implantation technique. The hair grafts in FUT technique is dissected under high magnification after harvesting a strip which negates the damage to hair graft and increase the survival rate. Including, as no force is applied the hair grafts can stay viable for approximately 8 – 10 hours thus there is no need of early implantation in FUT technique.

Benefits of early implantation technique:

  1. With early implantation technique you can retrieve higher number of grafts as the survival rate is more
  2. This technique causes minimum damage to hair grafts as compared to FUT hair transplant technique
  3. Scarring could be minimized
  4. Out of body time is reduced which favors preservation of hair grafts

Medispa clinics offer the best hair transplant with world class natural results. For advanced hair transplant with perfect outcomes, visit Medispa clinics to have a blissful experience of hair transplant.

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