About Hair Growth


Hair growth takes place in phases. Initial few months are very curious as to how much is hair transplant working or hair transplant procedure is success or not. At ”Medispa” we have done over 1000 successful hair transplant surgery. This curiosity goes up when surgeon says that hair growth will start in 3 months onwards. Though the transplanted hair may very well start growing, very few patients notice any visible change in the appearance of their hair at this early stage. But be patient; the result will come with time. So, let us understand about hair growth process

Hair growth process in all human beings varies. Depending upon their hairs and hair transplant surgeon hair growth results are shown. After hair transplantation hair growth actually starts growing in 3rd month onwards. This new hair transplant gradually grows after 3months and shows fully 12 months onwards. These hairs are natural hairs just like others. Let us understand hair growth cycle after op-

1st Week- You can only see new hairs transplanted. In some patients there may be some light swelling for couple of days which is nullified by hair band. This pain goes off by 4th day. Some medicines are given that all.

2nd Week-Hair bands are removed and hairs are inspected by Dr Suneet Soni himself. Some hairs will fall off which is very normal and nothing to be worried upon. This occurs due to interruption of blood supply in roots. At Medispa this is taken care of special technique by implanting narrow grafts which heals faster and gives better results.

Till 3Months-Pateints can feel their hair grows. This hair grows with slowly which falls by end of three months. You may also see some bad skin. This occurs as new natural hairs make its way out, which is very normal. This is no different than moving a flowering plant from one soil area to another. The plant roots survive, but the flower may not. So, hair transplanted will fall not the roots which starts growing after 3months.These hair may grow thin initially but with will attain normal hair just like others over head.

4Months to 8Months-At Medispa these new hair transplanted hair  grows thicker, longer, gain color in these months. Our results has shown 100% satisfactory results to all our patients till date

12Month-Hair grows normally and are dense like other hairs with clear visibility. These hairs can be washed, cut and combed like natural hairs.


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