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Best Value-Factors affecting cost of Hair Transplant

At Medispa Dr Suneet Soni believes that cost of hair transplant should be value for money. We believe in providing quality results at low and most competitive cost. Our HTM Technique provides superior may be better results than some of the leading Hair transplant center in world. We don’t say but our patients do. Our maximum patients come through referrals which show confidence level of people in our Hair transplant center Medispa. Appropriate Hair transplant infrastructure with Superior and Imported instruments helps us to give quality output to patients.

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Many hair transplant centers go through much step process because of untrained staff, poor equipments etc which increases hair transplant cost burden on patients. At Medispa with HTM Technique it’s a one day process and patient can resume office or work from next day itself.Dr Suneet Soni has experience of over 1000 successful Hair Transplant Surgeries

Many people feel hair transplant cost is high to their pockets. So, finance option is always available like loan from banks, credit card, finance institutions etc. with 12/36months repayment option. This at least helps you to bring your confidence back. At Medispa you will always find low cost quality output

Hair transplant cost can be seen other way around.Ex-You can divide Hair Transplant Cost with No of Years you live. It will not only come minimum but will give you esthetic look, Confidence to move in society every day. Hair transplant cost will be absorbed in these many years.

While most travellers aim to stay out of the hospital while on vacation, a growing number of medical tourists – people who combine treatment with travel — are crossing international borders for the sole purpose of attaining medical services, which can range from a tummy tuck to hair transplant.

Widespread air travel, mounting healthcare costs in developed countries, long waiting lists have all contributed to a global explosion of medical tourism in the past decade — and India is leagues ahead.

Most tourist travelled to Jaipur, Rajasthan., India in 2011Cost of hotel rooms and treatment are both far more economical and competitive in Jaipur, the most popular place for medical tourism in the world.

The trend is beneficial too. Medical tourism in India. is growing at a yearly rate of 16%, while in financial terms the foreign medical services sector is expected to grow  by 300% 2015.

Given Jaipur, Rajasthan. Reputation for graceful and attentive service, it is not hard to see why Medispa caters to international Patients. Airport is connected by airlines from around the world, reasonably-priced hotel rooms abound, there is reliable public transportation and easy visas for many nationalities are easy to get upon arrival, all of which help to make a stay — in a hotel or hospital — easy.

Medispa Hair transplant Center in Jaipur, Rajasthan is very popular with those who travel from neighboring Asian, Europe and gulf countries to seek Hair transplant treatment. Medispa, which specifically caters to medical tourists, has a well team to care of.

Medispa Hair transplant Center in Jaipur, Rajasthan maintains highest quality in the world, meeting or exceeding AHIRS standards. All of our patients have given us excellent feedback on their procedures and their experiences at the facilities.”

Committing to airfares, accommodation, out of network or uninsured medical bills and time off work is a big decision for travelers to make.

We don’t charge over and above what we quote except external facilities (Optional) like 3/5star hotel stay even free accommodation at our hair transplant center depending on availability. Our hair transplant center is also a training institute where in trainees all over India and from US/UK come.

Hair transplant rates available in market varies from Rs100 ($2) and Rs300 ($6) per graft. So, larger no of grafts price goes down. Other 10 USD/ graft in the US to 5 euro/ graft in Europe. At Medispa if you are not happy with Hair Transplant work done by inferior clinic we take that to. Price and other factors will depend on personal consultation with Dr Suneet Soni.

We accept the following online payment types, in addition to  checks, net banking and wire transfers:

Discounts apply for:

    • Granting rights to the use of photographs and videos.
    • Placement on our stand by list.

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Hair Follicle Vs. Graft

Some surgeons charge per hair follicle however we charge per graft. ( One graft consists of 1-5 hair follicles, on an average 2 hair follicles per graft).

HTM Technique

It gives you up to 4000-5000 grafts by a combination of extraction from scalp and body in one session. Therefore, complete area can be covered in just one session.

Body Hair Transplant

Our doctors have a wide range of experience in restoring hair in the areas of eyebrows, beard, moustache, chest, etc.

Permanent Team

It is the backbone of any successful Hair Transplant center unlike centers with on call staff. We have got a permanent team of more than 25 members who work relentlessly before, after and during the surgery to ensure great results.

International Patients

Hassle free 1 day procedure. You can tour Rajasthan with many places of your interest. Click here

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